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Features of Void material

Features of Void material


Void material, also named as anti-counterfeit anti-opened font, which is a kind of revealing type anti counterfeit material whose substrate is major of plastic film, including text revealing, graphics revealing, etc. This kind material can avoid unpermitted opening, moving and resealing which is usually used in logistic sticker, 

anti theft sealing sticker, strip seal, etc. In base of this substrate, if the sticker is 

torn off, the pre-set texts or graphics will be separated from face material, such as 'VOID', 'VOID OPEN' or customized details, and thses texts or graphics will be remained on the content surface where we stick it to. Depended on this feature, we reach the purpose of protecting truth, and also it can provide automatic inspection function, which is once torn off, once separated, once separated, once 'VOID' revealing.

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