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Talk about the requests of security sticker

Talk about the requests of security sticker


Anti counterfeit features and recognition methods are the soul of security stickers. Anti counterfeiting is a preventive measure which is taken to avoid deceiving and unpermitted imitation or copy activities. As a kind of security technology product, what kind of requests should security sticker has when it comes out from factory?

1, Unique identity: security recognition feature is unique and non-metastatic.

2, Stable period: In normal circumstances, the shortest time continued to maintain for security recognition feature.

3, Anti counterfeiting effort: persistence and reliability of identifying the authenticity also preventing counterfeiting function. Anti counterfeiting effort is constituted by these four factors---numbers of security recognition feature, numbers of exclusive security technology, diffculty and cost of imitation.

4, Usage suitability: The ability that security recognition feature can adapt the usage request of target objects.

5, Recognition performance: security recognition feature can be recognized correctly in demanded time by sense or instrument. First-line identification emphasizes the public known of security recognition feature, namely we just use our sense can recognize it; Second-line identification emphasizes recognizing through some simple instruments, such as, magnifying glass, laser pointer, etc.; Third-line identification emphasizes recognizing through special instruments by experts.

6, Environmental requirements: security recognition feature can satisfy the environmental requirements of target objects for normal use.

7, Technology safety confidentiality: The technology of designing and manufacturing security products should be maintained.

Besides above, we should consider economic costs, too. When we try to satisfy the request of anti counterfeiting, we should find ways to reduce the cost simultaneously.

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