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Mystery of hologram sticker

Mystery of hologram sticker


Hologram sticker is a kind of anti counterfeit sticker which makes use of laser 

multicolor hologram engraving technology and molded copy technology to show a visible hologram graphics information on material substrate. Hologram image is 

based on normal object image, then processed by a series of programms to be. 

We use photoluminescence resist etchant sensitive film, instead of normal photo 

film. After exposure treatment, we will get a piece of embossment phase hologram image, and this is just the master hologram. On the surface of master hologram, 

there are full of uneven interference fringes, whose finesse can be thousand in 

one millimeter. These embossment fringes record the light intensity and position information of original object. And use vacuum coating or chemical plating technology to plate a thin metal film on the surface of master hologram, then plate a suitable 

thickness of nickel or other metals to make a piece of good mechanical behavior molded metal board. Putting this board on embossing machine, hot-pressing 

polyester-based plastic film, we imprint embossment hologram on this film, after 

that, we vacuum plate another aluminum film to improve reflectivity. Finally, we do cover plating or coating protection, it comes the hologram. This hologram can be observed under sun light and each wavelength of sun light can be diffracted by interference fringes on it. Because different diffraction angles, we see different picture 

colors from different viewing sides.

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