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Eggshell sticker/material storage conditions and precautions

Eggshell sticker/material storage conditions and precautions


                                                         Self destructive sticker/material storage conditions and precautions:

                                                         1, Recommendation warehouse storage conditions: temperature 22±2℃, relative humidity 50%±5%;

                                                         2, There should be a packagings with self destructive sticker or material, suggesting for plastic film sealed packing. And every time after use, 

                                                         we should seal it and pack well.

                                                         3, If it is roll materials, we put wood boards under the rolls and make it vertical axis stand.

                                                         4, If it is stickers, after packing, they should be layered stack and shouldn't be stacked too heavy, in order to avoid glue penetration and adhesions.

                                                         5, Avoid direct exposure from sun light.

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