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The points we should notice when choose an eggshell sticker

The points we should notice when choose an eggshell sticker


Adhesive strength and self destructive behaviour are the main points we should notice when choose an eggshell sticker.

Adhesive strength directly influences the self destructive function of eggshell sticker. If the adhesive is poor, sticker can't paste strongly on the surface of content, then when we open it, it will be ripped off easily and its self destructive function can't be performed well, also a good adhesive can make a longer storage time. The adhesive we use is acrylic and combined with right methods, normally it can be stored safely within 1 year.

Self destructive behaviour is the most important characteristic which makes it different from other stickers. Our eggshell film has good performance at self destructive, also it is suitable for printing, resisting for aging and high temperature, no crack, no discoloration.

Besides these two features, we should consider practical situation as well. This is an important point we should notice, too. For example, in some high value products warranty cases, the eggshell sticker needs to be very easily to be broken, then we will change the material composition and make it easier to be broken; also sometimes we need it to be self destructive, but not so brittle and weak, then we can make it a little durable and harder to be broken. So before we make a choice, we should analyse the practical usage situation, which can help us find a more suitable eggshell sticker.

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