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What is a good tamper evident security tape?

What is a good tamper evident security tape?


Tape's own performance and practical use situation are the main factors which will decide whether it is a good tamper evident security tape or not.

1, Tape's performance contains viscosity and revealing word degree. These two are good, then basicly we can say it is a good one.

2, Sometimes, even if the tape itself is good, but in some practical situations, it can't perform well. Why and how can we choose a good one then?

a), before we choose a tape, we should know what kind of material it is of the content surface where we will use it to. Then we choose a right and suitable type of this tamper tape.

b), if we choose the right type, then it still can't be working well. When this happens, we will modify it in technical level, for example, add or reduce some glue, strengthen revealing word effect, etc. with individual technology support, depended on different practical situations to solve problem.

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