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What is self destructive material?

What is self destructive material?


Self destructive material is a kind of composite security material which is composed of self destructive vinyl as face film, spreading acrylic pressure adhesive in the back and pasting a layer of coated silion paper as release liner. Self destructive material has the features of after adhesive can't be torn off completely and no reused. With other printing and die cutting technologies, we make it into suitable stickers which will be normally used in commodities warranty and seal. As a special craft machining security material, self destructive material is in low tensile strength, easy to be broken and shrinking, also has some temperature, humidity, timing limitations in storage. Because of these features, we should machining it promptly as we get it and if during the process, when shrinking, glue excessing happen, we should slow donw material feeding speed to avoid peeling force too much to part the edge.

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