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A complete set of anti-smuggling system, anti-smuggling preventive treatment

by:Fullgo     2022-12-08
Maintaining brand interests The product anti-smuggling system realizes automatic collection of product data and uploads consumer shopping information data to the system. The two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system reduces cumbersome operations and increases work efficiency. The terminal device can scan the anti-smuggling code on the product for inspection, and the result shows the corresponding distribution location of the product, and intelligently compares it with the product sales area in the system to determine whether the product is smuggled. It can effectively strengthen the management and control of the channel dealers, and clearly record the product in and out, product flow, dealer inventory, sales, whether it is smuggling, whether it is cross-regional sales, and whether the price is indiscriminate. Establish an anti-smuggling system, product anti-smuggling management, manage entry and exit warehouses through logistics codes, help brands build a multi-level dealer network, and manage dealers at all levels. The anti-smuggling system provides dealer inquiry, product anti-counterfeiting inquiry, consumer inquiry, and quickly obtains product distribution area and cross-selling information. Operation steps of the anti-smuggling system The principle of the anti-smuggling system is simple: assign a unique identification code (digital, barcode, QR code) to each product. When the product reaches the end user, it can be sent to the end user according to the identification code carried by the product. , fixed telephone, network, etc. to check and confirm the authenticity of the product to protect the legitimate interests of users. 1.   Each product is marked with a unique ID at the time of production, and is identified by the relevant identification equipment (laser machine, inkjet printer, printer or other). 2.   At the same time, a two-level or three-level code (corresponding code related to medium packaging and large packaging) is generated, and the corresponding anti-smuggling label barcode is attached when the product is packed or put into storage. 3.   Use the scanner to scan the anti-smuggling label barcode on the label when shipping, and specify the dealer. 4.   The warehouse records the anti-counterfeiting code labels and serial numbers and stores them in the computer database. 5.   The customer can check the authenticity of the product number and the legal distributor through four methods of phone/Internet/mobile phone message/manual, so as to judge whether the sales channel of the product is normal (whether there is smuggled goods), and quickly and simply realize the product online. The relationship between secondary and tertiary packaging. Understand the detailed circulation records and anti-smuggling management system for digital management of products, accurately control the flow of dealers and products through one item and one code, and prevent agents from smuggling goods. If there is a smuggling situation, the system automatically generates smuggling warning information, which is convenient for enterprise managers to check the smuggling dealers, products and regions, and make corresponding decisions. A complete anti-smuggling system integrates the application of digital printing, automatic collection, computer, network communication and other high-tech, combined with a new concept of logistics traceability management and control, by providing each product with a designated digit (number, letter) identity Information code (which can be digitally printed and labelled on products and packaging), with the help of the Internet, to achieve product information interaction among product manufacturers, distributors, and consumers, and to solve a series of product anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling products for enterprises. questions provide a basis. By checking, you can know the situation of the consumer market, and realize functions such as tracking, warning, and control. Enterprises can manage the circulation of each product according to the actual number of products produced, and the product areas sold by dealers can be seen at a glance. Build a brand product anti-smuggling system, enter information, control product circulation channels, and realize product anti-smuggling; it can help companies track product flow in the process of circulation, and prevent agents at all levels from smuggling goods and disorderly prices. Control the flow of headquarters at the provincial, city and county levels; obtain evidence through market supervision, auxiliary inspection by consumers, various forms of monitoring, and the phenomenon of dealers at all levels, helping enterprises to do a good job in circulation control and grasp the whole process of product whereabouts. The main purpose of the anti-smuggling system is to help companies manage and control the anti-smuggling behavior of dealers, and use the QR code as an information carrier to monitor and record the logistics information of products, so that each product can be accurately tracked.
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