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Additional functions of product full traceability traceability_Product full traceability traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-22
When it comes to product traceability throughout the whole process, everyone must think of the frequent contact with scanning QR codes to obtain product reports to help identify genuine products. But in fact, the reason why the whole-process traceability system is called the operation ecosystem of enterprise products and services is because in addition to this function, it has many additional functions that help enterprises to manage products. The whole process of product traceability is actually a commercial consumption monitoring system that integrates the government, enterprises and consumers to run and circulate together. It also has the following four hidden functions that ordinary consumers do not know. 1. Helping the government to supervise the products circulating on the market must meet the product production standards before they are sold. After the enterprise enables product traceability, the background system can automatically summarize the relevant Excel table data, so as to meet the regulatory department's requirements for enterprise product management , very convenient. 2. Counting the usage data of the sold products to facilitate the inquiry of the whole product traceability system is actually a huge information system, each product data can track the usage information of a consumer, thus establishing an independent data file in the background. And enterprises can use time, place of use, and sales channels as search criteria for information retrieval in the background. And through certain algorithms, users' usage images can be extracted from massive product traceability data to analyze consumer behavior. 3. After the electronic map is generated in the background, with the consent of consumers, after scanning the code, there will be a special electronic map of enterprise history consumers distributed across the country, and it also has the function of timely positioning. Based on these traceability information, enterprises can intelligently push commodity sales points to people in different regions, and can also establish online distribution services. 4. Helping enterprises to deal with the crisis after traceability The product traceability system is a relatively perfect after-sale risk early warning mechanism for enterprise products. Especially in the field of food sales, if there is any foreign matter inside the product or the content has deteriorated, you can receive the customer service of the enterprise through the QR code in time for processing, take timely action with a good attitude, investigate the cause, and appease the customer, and avoid the need for online secondaries. The negative impact of secondary communication on the corporate brand image.
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