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Advantages of BC linkage marketing, combined marketing model

by:Fullgo     2022-12-10
Optimize marketing effects to achieve market and consumer coverage, attract new people, promote activity, expand promotion coverage, repurchase, introduce traffic, and recommend conversions, attract users through direct preferential activities, reach the C-end online, and promote product sales. After scanning the code on the B-end, the brand owner can not only grasp the sales data of the terminal store, the number of write-offs, but also stimulate the store to open the box and replenish the goods with box code rewards; after the C-end user scans the code, the data of the scanning user can also use the One thing, one code technology is precipitated as the brand owner's private data asset. The advantages of BC linkage marketing, support the interaction of member points, red envelopes, etc., and real-time payment of rewards to improve user experience; seize the needs of dealers and stores, provide rich operation tools and marketing solutions, help stores open new, lock customers, improve user experience C-terminal movable pin, better deep connection with users. It can be matched with different delivery strategies to achieve precise incentives for marketing expenses and promote the retention of data assets for each user role. The bc linkage model can not only change the regular code scanning activities, but also the situation that brands directly connect users and terminals are not very enthusiastic about marketing activities. By connecting both ends of bc, a wider range of active exposure can be achieved with the help of the b-end. Under the marketing model, the goal of brand owners is to help the B-end better serve the C-end users, and to use the marketing digital capabilities to serve core users well; to give each product a unique QR code to help brands get through and consume. Through the connection of users, a rich variety of marketing activities can be opened, such as interactive lottery draws, red envelopes, coupons, etc., which can be scanned successively and member points. Build a precise user database for the C-side, unify the public channels, realize more accurate marketing activities, and make the product a carrier of linking the two ends of the bc. Based on the principle of linking the two ends, it realizes the user's award-related terminal, and reversely promotes terminal sales. The code-assigned association technology forms BC-side incentives and rewards associations, increases store sales, and undertakes product promotion tasks to promote product awareness and repurchase; brand owners lead, directly connect terminal stores through small programs to reach consumers. It is beneficial for brand owners to use the relationship chain of store owners and C-end users to promote products, expand their influence, attract users through social relations, enhance their trust in brand products, and improve order conversion rates. It conforms to a typical gameplay of the terminal business scenario where enterprises realize bc linkage. The purpose is very clear. They are all motivated and stimulated by 'scanning the code' to stimulate the scanning rate of the bc end.
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