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Agricultural product quality traceability, visual management

by:Fullgo     2023-01-25
Quality control can ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the factory, crack down on piracy and shoddy behaviors, and make the products produced to customer satisfaction. Through the establishment of the agricultural product quality traceability system, online detection and real-time data uploading of various conditions of agricultural products can be realized, providing real and reliable data and information support for enterprises to grasp the quality of agricultural products, realizing network management, and real-time monitoring of the detection data and videos of each detection site. information, etc. The agricultural product traceability system gives a unique QR code identification on the outer packaging. Agricultural product production enterprises can arrange for staff to record in the traceability system, scan the QR code on the outer packaging of agricultural products with scanning equipment, and enter the planting, processing and testing of agricultural products. , distribution, logistics, sales and other key information. Improve management efficiency Agricultural entities can enter the information of each link in the production process of agricultural products in the system, so that the quality information of agricultural products can be traced back, the quality of agricultural products can be guaranteed, and the monitoring and standardization of the whole process of agricultural production can be promoted. Real-time remote access to data information from production, processing, circulation to terminal stores, and through sharing of agricultural product quality inspection and inspection data, to achieve full traceability information management from 'planting to supermarkets'. Consumers can buy products with confidence and can be guaranteed. The agricultural product quality traceability system uploads the relevant information generated in the whole process of agricultural products from purchasing raw materials, planting, processing, logistics and transportation, retailers to consumption, and the participants have the right to know the information generated in the whole process. The whole process of the product can be seen at a glance. The agricultural product quality traceability system involves the supervision and traceability of agricultural product quality, the public inspection of agricultural product quality, and the management of agricultural product production operations, so that every consumer can feel at ease. To realize the whole-process traceability of agricultural products, it can well solve consumers' concerns about the quality of agricultural products, realize the whole-process traceability of agricultural products, and establish a complete agricultural product traceability system. Traceability of products, establishment of a product quality traceability system, to achieve a clear source of whereabouts, accountability can be pursued. Enterprise: Build a credible agricultural product brand, provide assured products, and improve enterprise product quality management. A system integrating production, testing, supervision and traceability can provide traceability services for product quality supervision and traceability systems. Enterprises establish a quality traceability platform for agricultural products, and information can be queried to gain consumers' trust and build users' trust in the brand.
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