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Agricultural product traceability system solution for comprehensive management and control

by:Fullgo     2022-11-09
It is easy to inquire and realize product quality supervision, use the traceability code to trace the production information of agricultural products, and scan the QR code on the mobile phone to trace the production information of agricultural products. Collection, aggregation and filing of production and processing files, warehousing information, logistics information, sales information, and market access data to achieve complete supervision over the production and circulation process of agricultural products. Data visualization in each link, one code for one product of agricultural products, enhances consumer trust and product value; in the whole process from planting to sales, consumers scan the QR code on their mobile phones for traceability of agricultural products, providing customers with transparent product information. Customers can upload scanned copies of the corresponding qualification certificates to achieve comprehensive traceability management, improve consumers' trust in the brand, and track all stages of product entry into the market (the whole process from production to circulation), which is helpful for quality management. and food safety. Data collection and tracking ensures that each agricultural product has a corresponding identification, which is equivalent to applying an identification code for the agricultural product and recording the detailed information in the production, processing, storage, transportation, sales and other links. Help agricultural production and distribution enterprises to achieve product anti-counterfeiting verification through the one-object-one-code technology, and accurately obtain customer distribution data. To automatically generate traceable documents of agricultural products, and it is not easy to modify, to ensure the authenticity of the documents, and to realize the visual management of the entire production process. The traceability system can integrate the information of agricultural products in all aspects of production, management, processing, transportation, and sales through information interconnection technology. When each party displays data and information related to commodities, other parties will synchronize the data and information to achieve transparency. comprehensive. The whole process is displayed to consumers for agricultural product traceability system solutions, agricultural production supervision, enterprise certification management, inspection and testing supervision, enterprise credit rating management, various early warning reminders, information summary statistics, communication management, etc. One item, one code technology combined with modern information technology, one code traceability from the base to the terminal store, and the source can be traced by scanning the code. Using real-time data collection technology, the management of supply chain links such as growth, processing, storage and sales of agricultural products can be traced and identified. The source can be traced and the destination can be traced, and the digital management of key quality links such as the origin environment, agricultural inputs, production process, quality inspection, processing, storage and transportation of agricultural products can be realized, and the 'ID card' system for agricultural products can be established to realize the realization of agricultural products. The whole process can be traced back.
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