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Anti-counterfeiting and traceability of liquor to purify the market environment

by:Fullgo     2022-10-14
The tracking and monitoring anti-counterfeiting traceability system can quickly identify counterfeit and shoddy products and sales scope based on data analysis of consumers’ scanning code behaviors, thus guiding enterprises to take precise anti-counterfeiting actions. Liquor uses anti-counterfeiting labels to solve the problem of counterfeiting, which is convenient for consumers to check the authenticity, improve product quality, and resist counterfeit products on the market, thereby improving product brand awareness and preventing quality problems. Establish an anti-counterfeiting traceability system, improve consumer trust, allow products to truly and accurately record the production process, and achieve full-process records, including: basic product information, production information, logistics information, etc. The traceability anti-counterfeiting system uses QR codes to track and inquire the entire process of products from raw material supply, product production, finished product packaging, channel circulation, sales, and consumer purchases to achieve product lifecycle management. Realize the birth of an anti-counterfeiting system platform for recalling products at any time, manage the circulation of goods, and let consumers no longer worry about buying fake and shoddy products when purchasing goods. Tracking management of a single product is also the whole-process supervision and control of the entire supply chain of the enterprise, which is the best choice to help enterprises realize information management! At the same time, it can also help enterprises to build brand awareness and reputation. The concept of anti-counterfeiting traceability + anti-smuggling + mobile marketing allows you to understand the information of other products of the company while tracing the production links and sales areas of the products, which plays a role in promoting the company and accelerating the spread of the company's brand. Liquor anti-counterfeiting traceability can safeguard the interests of enterprises, regulate the market order, enhance brand value, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, resist and crack down on piracy and shoddy behaviors, so that the products produced by enterprises can meet customer needs and improve product quality. Quickly identify product authenticity and product traceability anti-counterfeiting labels to help companies maintain their interests, and can trace the production, circulation, sales area and other information of each product, and easily help consumers identify authenticity. Liquor anti-counterfeiting traceability, transparent management, synchronization of product logistics information, connecting consumers, allowing real-time data sharing of the entire industry chain, and establishing the interconnection of products, consumers and enterprises. Encryption can be versatile and help businesses gain consumer trust, thereby increasing product sales. Anti-counterfeiting traceability can record all the information of the product. If there is a problem product, it can be queried, controlled and recalled at the first time. Through the Internet of Things technology, the equipment is used in the key environment of product production to automatically collect traceability information, and assign a unique identity on the chain to the source node of the equipment or data generation on the chain. When these devices or nodes collect and generate new data, they immediately upload the data directly to the chain through the on-chain interface.
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