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Anti-counterfeiting code digital technology, can not be copied or imitated

by:Fullgo     2022-12-31
There are many types of real information anti-counterfeiting labels, all of which can be customized according to the requirements of the brand, so as to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect, and each product has an anti-counterfeiting mark, so that consumers can easily identify the authenticity. Anti-counterfeiting technology: product authenticity identification, on-site and remote support, anti-counterfeiting data analysis report, multi-dimensional data analysis, anti-counterfeiting effect detection, assistance in anti-counterfeiting, agent center, data cloud hosting, anti-counterfeiting early warning. Anti-counterfeiting point customization and design solutions, label security management and control solutions, anti-counterfeiting verification and identification, counterfeit product research services, assistance in anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting service operations, comprehensive and efficient control of counterfeit product circulation, protection of corporate interests and brand value, so that genuine products can be distributed all over the world. The label can only be used once and will not fade for a long time, with strong viscosity and strong tear resistance; anti-counterfeiting labels are resistant to high temperature, freezing, moisture, sunlight and corrosion. The anti-counterfeiting code is to prove that the product is produced or sold by the company, and it can combat illegal merchants using the brand. Anti-counterfeiting code label production, stable and environmentally friendly professional anti-counterfeiting materials: cover the special version of the label film, strong adaptability, high waterproof and anti-counterfeiting threshold. The anti-counterfeiting label is based on the principle, the 'separate special information' used in the anti-counterfeiting technology, this kind of information is generally printed as a label, and the anti-counterfeiting label is pasted on the product packaging, and some are recorded in the chip to make The electronic label is pasted on the product packaging, and this label is called an anti-counterfeiting label. To prevent counterfeit goods from appearing, making anti-counterfeiting labels, to a certain extent, has the effect of promoting the product. The company protects the product, so that consumers can buy with confidence, use it comfortably, and promote consumers to buy. Anti-counterfeiting codes, also known as anti-counterfeiting labels, can identify the authenticity of products. Each variable QR code contains a specific logo, which further increases the threshold for counterfeiting. The key is to greatly increase the consumer participation rate. Anti-counterfeiting code digital technology, CCN's unique 3S system, helps companies build a complete set of customized brand anti-counterfeiting protection system For user objects, an all-round anti-counterfeiting identification system based on visual, tactile, auditory, and interactive identification technologies, supplemented by service operations, can truly achieve anti-counterfeiting purposes.
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