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Anti-counterfeiting company interprets why anti-counterfeiting printing technology is advancing by leaps and bounds_Anti-counterfeiting company-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-03-03
With the development of information technology and the update of high-quality image input and output devices, digital cameras, video recorders, scanners and printers and other image acquisition equipment and well-functioning software, especially high-precision inkjet proofers, laser printers and high-precision scanning The popularity of the instrument has brought many conveniences to people's work and life, but also made it very easy to forge and tamper with various product packaging, certificates, checks and securities, resulting in huge losses. Therefore, we urgently need to solve the problem of copyright protection of these printed images and documents, and develop a more secure anti-counterfeiting printing technology. Anti-counterfeiting printing technology refers to the transfer of anti-counterfeiting measures to printing through printing, so that the printed matter has the characteristics of distinguishing authenticity. So why does the anti-counterfeiting company interpret why the anti-counterfeiting printing technology is advancing by leaps and bounds? 1. The anti-counterfeiting effect is good. At present, the anti-counterfeiting company's anti-counterfeiting printing technology mainly includes paper anti-counterfeiting technology, ink anti-counterfeiting technology, optical anti-counterfeiting technology, magnetic code anti-counterfeiting technology, digital network anti-counterfeiting technology, barcode anti-counterfeiting technology, Seal anti-counterfeiting technology and so on. With the improvement of piracy technology, anti-counterfeiting printing technology must break through the limitations of materials, design and special technology, and increase the high-tech content in order to improve the anti-counterfeiting of printed matter and protect the legitimate interests of businesses. As the information throughout the printing process, digital images are a better carrier for the storage of anti-counterfeiting information. Digital watermarking technology comes into being in digital printing. It embeds a mark with special meaning into a digital image by means of information hiding to identify the authenticity of the printed matter. integrity and reliability, so as to achieve a good anti-counterfeiting effect. 2. Great hidden information quality Halftone image anti-counterfeiting technology is realized on the basis of digital image transmission. Compared with other information anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as RFID, dongle, etc., the cost is very low, and it also has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. . In the process of digital screening, continuous digital images are screened to generate halftone images, which greatly affects or even destroys the hidden watermark information. At various stages after printing, substrates such as paper, cloth and plastic may be deformed, and the printed image will be blurred. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting companies claim that the geometry and tone of printed graphics may be distorted after the printing and scanning process, which greatly affects the quality of extracting hidden information. The anti-counterfeiting printing technology is called to avoid the anti-counterfeiting information of digital images, which is limited by the above two problems. It is necessary to solve the anti-counterfeiting printing technology based on digitally screened halftone images and avoid the adverse effects of secondary screen imaging caused by scanning. Direct detection technology. This work provides new research ideas for the screening method of digital printing, and also has a positive role in promoting the process of digital image anti-counterfeiting technology.
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