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Anti-counterfeiting label application and production process to achieve anti-counterfeiting purpose

by:Fullgo     2023-02-25
Anti-counterfeiting label production process 1. Digital printing: It is convenient to replace printing information, the process is simple, and the printing cost is low. 2. Stencil printing: the production process is simple, the adaptability to ink is strong, and the ink layer is thick. 3. Gravure printing: thick ink layer, good expressiveness, flexible printing size, high stress resistance and wide application range. 4. Lithographic printing: Fast plate making, high quality, good color and low cost, is a widely used printing technology. 5. Letterpress printing: a long-term printing technology, the main features are: simple plate-making process, flexible specifications, and strong adaptability. The manufacturing process, printing process, the types of anti-counterfeiting labels are different, and the technical ability is high; in general, all anti-counterfeiting labels are customized, so as to achieve their anti-counterfeiting effect, and each type of label is produced using different methods. Anti-counterfeiting label. Anti-counterfeiting labels are applied to protect the brand, and each product is printed and pasted with an anti-counterfeiting label; brand products use anti-counterfeiting labels to combat counterfeit and shoddy goods, maintain brand image, and effectively protect the interests of consumers and enterprises themselves. Security paper anti-counterfeiting label: The most widely used material is security thread paper, one of the main anti-counterfeiting methods for banknote anti-counterfeiting research and application, and is also deeply loved by the company. The customized security thread has a high anti-counterfeiting function. The security thread paper is divided into fully buried type and open window type, and customers can make a flexible and intuitive judgment, which is helpful for brand owners to do anti-counterfeiting. Tuanhua: Print the pattern of various flowers on the anti-counterfeiting label, which also has high technical appreciation while anti-counterfeiting; you can also design personalized Tuanhua anti-counterfeiting labels by combining with the product and company image. Scan-proof: Lines that can no longer be rendered with modern ultra-high-precision scanners and photoengraving. Doing so will prevent the printed matter from being copied. Holographic anti-counterfeiting labels: laser anti-counterfeiting labels are also called holographic anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeiting labels completed by using laser colorful hologram plate-making skills and molding imitation skills, dot matrix dynamic light, one-time special laser film, 3D optical miniature set, colorful optical random, medium English uranium abbreviated text, etc. Anti-counterfeiting will provide industry solutions according to the status quo of enterprises, and provide industry solutions for the status quo of enterprises to provide security guarantees for enterprises. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading clothes anti-counterfeiting labels, maintaining the brand's reputation, commodity anti-adjustment bag labels, with independent data content
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