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Anti-counterfeiting label factory introduces the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting traceability of agricultural products

by:Fullgo     2023-01-04
The traceability system solves the problems of the traditional traceability system, such as opaque information, easy data tampering, poor security, and difficulty in confirming the responsible subject. All of them are transparent and traceable, and at the same time ensure that the traceability information is authentic and can be trusted, laying a solid foundation for the creation of a brand-new agricultural product integrity system. Then the anti-counterfeiting label factory introduces the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting traceability of agricultural products. 1. The standardized agricultural product quality and safety traceability system is the information record management of agricultural products from production, processing, packaging, transportation to consumers in the supply chain process. There are their own unified data format standards. If it is found that the quality and safety traceability data storage of agricultural products is not standardized enough, in order to prevent and deal with the potential risks of agricultural products in a timely manner, it should be stopped and reported to relevant government departments in time, so as to reduce the occurrence of unnecessary problems and accidents. 2. Timeliness and reliability The anti-counterfeiting label factory said that the information related to agricultural products must be authentic and effective, and it is necessary to use advanced Internet of Things equipment for data collection, try to avoid data errors caused by human operation, and ensure the accuracy of the data; what links are agricultural products in? It is necessary to record the data information of the current link in time, and it is not allowed to record the data information in the subsequent links, so as to reduce the risk of data tampering and ensure the authenticity of the data. 3. Data Relevance The data between each link in the agricultural product supply chain are interlocked and have a certain connection. Through the agricultural product traceability code, the product information of the production link, processing link and transportation link can be linked, and the quality of agricultural products can be linked. The safety traceability system provides complete and reliable data. According to the successive links in the agricultural product supply chain, the relevant information of agricultural products is stored in the system, so as to ensure the integrity of the traceability information of the quality and safety of agricultural products, which is beneficial to the production enterprises and relevant departments to manage and control the information of the whole process of agricultural products from production to sales. The anti-counterfeiting label factory said that when there is a quality and safety problem in agricultural products, it can accurately and timely locate the problem link, recall the problem product, try to reduce the loss to a minimum, and confirm the responsible subject. Consumers can ask the responsible subject to take responsibility and ask the enterprise and government The department takes certain measures to prevent the accident from happening again, so as to ensure product quality and safety and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
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