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Anti-counterfeiting label factory introduction: what are the clear requirements for anti-counterfeiting labels during use

by:Fullgo     2023-02-28
The anti-counterfeiting labels of the anti-counterfeiting label factory are commonly used in all aspects of daily life, but in the process of using these labels, there are actually certain usage requirements. Each product is affixed with an anti-counterfeiting label related to the manufacturer of the anti-counterfeiting label, but the number of anti-counterfeiting identification functions, the number of proprietary anti-counterfeiting technologies, the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting and the cost of anti-counterfeiting are already important factors. The following anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers introduce what are the clear requirements for anti-counterfeiting labels in the process of use? 1. Anti-counterfeiting labels must have the uniqueness of non-transferable identity, which has become an important feature in the anti-counterfeiting process of anti-counterfeiting technology products. The characteristics of anti-counterfeiting identification of anti-counterfeiting label factories are that sex and non-transferability are important. For example, in the anti-counterfeiting work of some digital products, one product corresponds to one anti-counterfeiting code, which means that each anti-counterfeiting code can only be used once, which is impossible to be transferred, thereby eliminating counterfeiting to a large extent or can be used multiple times Verified product. 2. In a stable period, the anti-counterfeiting label factory can maintain the anti-counterfeiting mark function of anti-counterfeiting technology products in a very short period of time in normal use. For example, if fluorescent inks and variable temperature inks are used, there is a certain decay period. The safety period is also the commitment period put forward by the manufacturer in the process, which has become a topic of concern for users. The products of the anti-counterfeiting label factory must also have the durability and reliability of authenticity and anti-counterfeiting functions. 3. The adaptability of anti-counterfeiting labels is also a topic worthy of attention, that is, whether the anti-counterfeiting labels of anti-counterfeiting technology products of anti-counterfeiting label factories can adapt to the requirements of related goods or service objects. The requirements of the use environment are also very prominent, such as whether the anti-counterfeiting performance of the relevant anti-counterfeiting technology products can meet the requirements of the normal use environment. The confidentiality of the technical security of the anti-counterfeiting label factory means that when designing and producing anti-counterfeiting products, there should be a high degree of security and confidentiality. All in all, the clear requirements for anti-counterfeiting labels introduced by the anti-counterfeiting label factory in the process of use are that the anti-counterfeiting label should be non-transferable, and the anti-counterfeiting label should have adaptability and a stable period. In addition, anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers also need to consider the applicability of economic costs. In other words, in the production process, in addition to achieving a higher degree of anti-counterfeiting, a certain degree of cost control must also be ensured.
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