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Anti-counterfeiting labels on food, counterfeit goods are rapidly decreasing

by:Fullgo     2023-02-09
Achieving anti-counterfeiting goals Anti-counterfeiting labels can not only identify the authenticity of products, but also serve as a powerful guarantee for enterprises to promote food, and are a useful carrier for identifying authenticity of commodities, increasing the added value of products. The design requirements of the integrity, inclusion and compatibility of anti-counterfeiting labels reflect the rigor and objectivity in the application and implementation of this technology. The high-standard requirements allow every subject protected by anti-counterfeiting labels to have a fairer and safer competitive market. Anti-counterfeiting labels are the main judgment basis for commodity buyers to check the authenticity of products, and also an important way for commodity producers to supervise the market. It plays a vital role in effectively cracking down on counterfeiting and establishing brand reputation. To protect market products as anti-counterfeiting and reduce counterfeiting, the anti-counterfeiting labels on food, attach electronic anti-counterfeiting labels to the product packaging, consumers can identify the anti-counterfeiting labels on their mobile phones, check the authenticity information, and read the relevant information of the goods. For food anti-counterfeiting labels, consumers and enterprises can quickly identify the authenticity through code scanning and physical anti-counterfeiting technology, reflecting the professionalism of the enterprise and the attitude of the person in charge of consumers, showing the strength of the enterprise, and increasing the confidence of consumers in the product. With the development of the Internet and the application of big data, higher breakthroughs have been brought to the design of anti-counterfeiting labels, the details are more accurate, and the technology is more exquisite. For the majority of market operators, it will bring more opportunities and protection to the company's products. . It is easy to identify the true and false. The combination of multiple advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies has a high anti-counterfeiting coefficient and is difficult to reproduce and counterfeit. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels Brand promotion, showing the strength of enterprises; brand protection, combating counterfeiting and shoddy products. The anti-counterfeiting traceability manages the whole product cycle, and the information of each link can be viewed, such as: manufacturer information, production date, origin, specifications, etc., decrypt the label data and judge the authenticity of the product. Product anti-counterfeiting labels are difficult to imitate, cannot be copied, cannot be reused, and are easy to identify product authenticity. Each product has a unique label, and each label can only be used once. The high-end anti-counterfeiting label has a beautiful design, enhances the image of the product, and integrates the anti-counterfeiting technology of one item, one code, and the data encryption cannot be tampered with and has strong resistance to damage. Brands represent the strength of enterprises. In order to combat counterfeiting and shoddy products and protect brand rights and interests, brand owners choose to use anti-counterfeiting labels for food.
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