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Anti-counterfeiting signs, an effective means to reduce counterfeit goods

by:Fullgo     2023-01-05
Foreword: From clothing, drinks, luxury goods, daily products to food, etc., there are counterfeiting in the market. The appearance of counterfeit goods has damaged the brand image of enterprises and seriously endangered the rights and interests of consumers. Many customers are difficult to identify. If the product is genuine or fake, there will be distrust of the brand; then, there are countermeasures, making anti-counterfeiting labels for products, and solving the problem of counterfeiting by assigning codes to each product. To achieve anti-counterfeiting, the fully printed anti-counterfeiting logo is pasted on the product. After purchasing the product, consumers can scan the logo to verify the authenticity, resist counterfeit products, and maintain a good brand image. By using anti-counterfeiting labels for products to reduce counterfeit products, and a small logo with anti-counterfeiting function can help brands gain the trust of consumers, thereby increasing product sales. The anti-counterfeiting technology is also different. It is mainly used according to the needs of the merchants. The super encryption function, the data cannot be tampered with, and the label that can only be used once prevents counterfeiting and protects the entire process of product transportation and sales. Introduction to scanning the code to check the authenticity: Anti-counterfeiting signs are the accessories that can be pasted and printed on the surface of the product and on the packaging, such as: hang tags, certificates of conformity, and anti-counterfeiting cards, which have anti-counterfeiting effects. There are fake products on the market, don’t worry, brand owners must quickly take countermeasures, customize anti-counterfeiting labels for company products, help consumers identify genuine and fake products, and prevent fake products from being purchased. In the implementation stage, it is very simple to distinguish the authenticity of the product. Customers only need to scan the code directly with their smartphone to check the authenticity. There are also commonly used label verification methods, such as phone calls, text messages, and websites. Interests are protected. Anti-counterfeiting signs are measures to prevent imitation and reproduction activities for the purpose of deception and without the permission of the owner. Features of plastic film anti-counterfeiting signs: The printing process laser label has a beautiful appearance, the appearance of the label is very smooth, and it looks good, which also increases the difficulty and cost of counterfeiting. The significance of anti-counterfeiting labels is to reduce counterfeit goods, which can be achieved, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and consumers, quickly identify genuine and fake goods, and combat counterfeiters in the market. In the anti-counterfeiting results, the exquisite anti-transfer effect, open the surface of the label, the QR code of the pattern text on the label is left on the sticker, and the authenticity can be quickly identified. After checking the authenticity, the label can no longer be used, and it can only be used once. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading clothes anti-counterfeiting labels, maintaining the brand's reputation, commodity anti-adjustment bag labels, with independent data content
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