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by:Fullgo     2023-01-02
Anti-counterfeiting work has always been a major problem faced by major companies. From the various anti-counterfeiting signs at the beginning to the later laser anti-counterfeiting labels, until the emergence of the anti-counterfeiting label system in recent years, it can be said that counterfeiting has been completely killed. living space. This kind of system is an anti-counterfeiting system developed on the QR code technology. Users only need to scan the QR code to achieve product traceability. It can be said that imitation is currently impossible. Now let's take a look at this system. 1. Principle The traditional two-dimensional code is a square or rectangular layout composed of lattices. Due to the openness and reproducibility of the lattice image of the two-dimensional code, a single two-dimensional code does not have anti-counterfeiting conditions. However, it is possible to use the large data capacity of the QR code and the encryptability of the data content. By performing multi-layer encryption for the massive quantity, each commodity is given an encrypted identity. This identity is unique in the world, has mathematical encryption and Difficult to reverse restore. 2. The two-dimensional code must have the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting. First of all, the two-dimensional code must be indistinguishable and encrypted, that is, a variable encrypted two-dimensional code to identify one item and one code of a commodity. The indiscriminate nature of the QR code enables the QR code to establish an identification number equivalent to the ID card for each commodity; The technical encryption increases the security of the two-dimensional code identification, so that counterfeiters cannot obtain the composition logic of the two-dimensional code identification data. 3. Label production Make a two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label on the premise of ensuring the indistinctness and encryption of the two-dimensional code. This anti-counterfeiting label not only has an indistinguishable and encrypted two-dimensional code, but also an anti-counterfeiting label. Other anti-counterfeiting technologies are added to the label, and commonly used anti-counterfeiting technologies such as lasers, anti-counterfeiting lines, miniatures, wet water materials, invisible inks are integrated into the label, and a brief description of the brand's LOGO can also be added. Of course, this kind of anti-counterfeiting sticker is only a kind of physical anti-counterfeiting technology, which alone cannot meet the growing anti-counterfeiting needs. However, with the aid of the QR code anti-counterfeiting system, this anti-counterfeiting method becomes unbreakable. After purchasing a product, consumers or users can scan the QR code in the label with the scanning tool software on the smartphone to check the authenticity. At present, this anti-counterfeiting technology is a barrier that counterfeiters cannot break.
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