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Anti-counterfeiting tickets to achieve efficient anti-counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2022-12-30
Category coverage can be customized to print and produce anti-counterfeiting tickets, anti-counterfeiting admission tickets, anti-counterfeiting certificates, anti-counterfeiting water tickets, anti-counterfeiting vouchers, anti-counterfeiting coupons, anti-counterfeiting delivery vouchers, anti-counterfeiting bills of lading, etc. Tickets are printed with special chemical ink. When the surface temperature of anti-counterfeiting tickets reaches a certain height, the color will change. According to the actual needs of customers, there are two ways to restore the original color and not restore the original color. The detection method is simple, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is intuitive. Strong anti-counterfeiting performance. Two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting tickets: add a variable two-dimensional code to the anti-counterfeiting tickets, and the two-dimensional code on each ticket is different, which effectively avoids ticket fraud. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting ticket also improves the work efficiency of ticket management personnel. Consumers only need to scan the two-dimensional code at the inspection equipment to identify the authenticity. Provide customer-satisfied product anti-counterfeiting tickets. Anti-counterfeiting tickets can be used in activities, attractions, and concerts in various industries. As long as the reporting party has anti-counterfeiting needs, they can customize their own anti-counterfeiting tickets! To prevent scanning, printing, and precision shading, all the lines of the original are composed of solid lines, and after the scanner scans the color separation, the imitation products printed in four colors are lines composed of dots, and you can see the true and false at a glance. RFID anti-counterfeiting tickets: a high-security integrated circuit chip is embedded in the ticket, and the process is fine. Before the ticket is sold, the anti-counterfeiting information related to the RFID card issuing machine is written into the ticket chip and encrypted, so as to realize anti-counterfeiting. RFID anti-counterfeiting tickets are more effective in occasions with large traffic during peak periods. RFID anti-counterfeiting tickets only need to be swiped in front of the handheld machine, and the handheld ticket inspection device can obtain the chip password, verify the authenticity, and quickly check the ticket. A number of anti-counterfeiting technologies can be added to customize anti-counterfeiting tickets, design, typesetting, production, logistics, offline, delivery, management, and one-stop service. The organizer cooperated with Shanghai Zhongshang Network to launch anti-counterfeiting tickets and add anti-counterfeiting technology to the tickets, so that the tickets have anti-counterfeiting effect. Anti-counterfeiting and high-efficiency anti-counterfeiting measures such as tickets and coupons make it impossible for counterfeiters to copy and forge, and stores or consumers can easily and accurately distinguish between true and false, so as to avoid infringement of interests. The anti-counterfeiting of CCN Chinese commercial tickets and coupons can be combined with a variety of physical anti-counterfeiting technologies, including patented anti-counterfeiting technology, to help enterprises effectively crack down on counterfeiting. Tickets are conventionally designed with anti-counterfeiting technology, and invisible anti-counterfeiting ink technology can be added. low cost.
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