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Anti-counterfeiting traceability solution, the enterprise has full control

by:Fullgo     2023-02-18
Update information status anti-counterfeiting function: The system uses QR code scanning to obtain the anti-counterfeiting code, matches the anti-counterfeiting code with the brand's anti-counterfeiting database, and then identifies the correctly matched products as genuine, which is a good concept. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system uses the advantages of anti-counterfeiting labels to improve the company's brand image, make the products look more upscale, and increase customers' dependence on products. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system can easily identify the authenticity of the product and prevent counterfeit products from entering the retail terminal. Uniqueness and exclusivity; the mainstream one item, one code guarantees exclusivity, and the anti-counterfeiting code carries data. The anti-counterfeiting traceability solution can scan and query the real information of products, customize anti-counterfeiting labels for brand products, solve the problem of 'fraud' in the market, easily reduce fakes, identify genuine and fake, safeguard customer rights and interests, and improve brand reputation. Scanning the code to check the authenticity can monitor product raw materials, production, warehousing, logistics information, etc., and it needs to be applied to the anti-counterfeiting traceability system to fundamentally solve the problem. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system can allow enterprises to strengthen their own management, simplify the process, prevent counterfeiting and smuggling of goods, and maintain their own brand image. It can also have a good information management effect on the material source, production process, warehousing process, logistics and transportation of the product. And compared with brands without anti-counterfeiting traceability, brands with anti-counterfeiting traceability can stand out in many similar industries. There are many brands in the market that have used this system as an anti-counterfeiting method, indicating that there is no problem in actual use, and it is worth doing more in-depth anti-counterfeiting traceability details. Eliminating the problem of imitation and counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting and traceability can establish a trust relationship between consumers and enterprises, and at the same time improve customer trust, it can also protect the image and reputation of enterprises. Consumers are accustomed to scanning QR codes to perform various operations. Brands provide functional QR codes, and the two parties are synergistic in terms of docking consistency. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system is used to protect the brand, ensure that consumers buy genuine products, protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, independently apply for product verification marks, and effectively improve market anti-counterfeiting. From the essence of anti-counterfeiting, it is easy to operate one product and one logo, and it is also very convenient for consumers to scan the code to identify the authenticity. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system generates the unique quality traceability label of the product through the specific logic encryption algorithm of the platform, and adds a label to the product packaging to ensure product quality. It increases the safety assurance and credibility for consumers, and the product can be easily found at the source, which improves the consumer's trust and makes it comfortable for customers to use.
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