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Anti-counterfeiting traceability solutions to supervise product quality

by:Fullgo     2022-12-31
Record traceability information Consumers can know the production place, production batch, and basic information of the product by scanning the QR code on the product, so as to play the role of traceability; carry out source quality control and traceability anti-counterfeiting, and truly achieve the source traceability. The two-dimensional code technology is used to complete the product information management, and real-time monitoring and management are carried out in all links from production and processing to circulation and sales, and the product quality is guaranteed from the source; the label cannot be copied to ensure the reliability of traceability and anti-counterfeiting value. The anti-counterfeiting traceability solution ensures that commodities can be traced and information can be queried; the operation traceability system adds information encryption technology, and the various reading methods of QR codes determine that the information displayed by users is different. Activate the role of the anti-counterfeiting code. The whole chain traceability production raw material information is all collected, recorded and traced to realize the whole life cycle management of product supply, production, circulation, sales and service; the product manufacturing industry has established a whole industry chain quality anti-counterfeiting traceability system, which can be traced after the event, prevented in advance, In-process control; product information traceability, helping enterprises to enhance the commercial value of products. The traceability system uses the two-dimensional code as an anti-counterfeiting ID card to realize one piece of one code, collect data and track the production, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation, market inspection, sales terminals and other links of products, and track the circulation of products through the one-item-one-code technology In the process, once a product has a quality problem, it can be recalled quickly and accurately, reducing corporate losses. The traceability system can store a variety of information. For enterprises, it can comprehensively improve the brand image, improve the management of distribution channels, and actively display product information; customers can view product-related information. Use the anti-counterfeiting traceability system for corporate brand products to ensure product quality, prevent counterfeiting, help consumers check the authenticity of products, recognize brands, and help companies reduce counterfeit and inferior products. By tracking the whole process of products from raw materials to production process to distribution process, consumers and regulatory authorities can clearly see the information of the products, improve the credibility of the brand, and make consumers feel more at ease when purchasing. Through the anti-counterfeiting traceability platform, the upstream and downstream information sharing and disclosure of the entire industrial chain from raw materials, production bases, processing enterprises, and terminal sales are realized to serve consumers.
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