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Anti-counterfeiting traceability, the label is attached to the product to protect the brand

by:Fullgo     2023-02-18
Let customers buy with confidence. The anti-counterfeiting traceability system can track the product in the whole cycle, trace the information of each link of the product, and the system generates a label for one item, one code, which is printed and affixed to the product, which is convenient for consumers to verify the authenticity of the product and easy to view the production information. , understand the production process of the product, and play a role in the user's purchase with confidence. Anti-counterfeiting traceability manages the entire process of products. If merchants encounter counterfeiting problems, they can use anti-counterfeiting labels for branded products to help users distinguish between genuine and fake products, and reduce fake and shoddy products. Only then can consumers have trust in the brand. Implement anti-counterfeiting traceability for products, from raw materials to terminal store management, if there are quality problems, it can be recalled in time. At the same time, it can also supervise all links, improve quality, and produce qualified products for customers. Anti-counterfeiting traceability, product protection, full-cycle management, easy to query detailed information, easy identification of true and false, and enhance brand awareness. The traceability system for preventing counterfeiting behavior is an application of the combination of anti-counterfeiting technology and traceability system, which controls the product in the whole cycle, records information, and allows customers to easily query various information about the product. The raw material, manufacturing, sales and other information of the product are processed and loaded with electronic labels, and the information data is stored in the database, so as to realize the traceability and anti-counterfeiting of the whole product life cycle. The product traceability system generates an exclusive two-dimensional code for each batch and each product by using the one-item-one-code technology. Scan the code to view the information. As soon as the authenticity is checked, it is known that the anti-counterfeiting traceability source code is produced for the product, which improves the consumer's anti-counterfeiting ability and product traceability information query. The one-item-one-code technology is connected with a two-dimensional code. The two-dimensional code itself carries information, and it is enough to generate a corresponding label for each product information. Customize the anti-counterfeiting traceability label and paste an anti-counterfeiting label for each product, which is convenient for consumers to verify the authenticity of the product and helps enterprises solve the problem of counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeiting label production, counterfeit products, authenticity identification, consumers trust the brand, improve product quality, increase sales, and let consumers buy with confidence. Realize the whole process of traceability of products from the production source to the circulation link, and can provide enterprises with comprehensive management solutions such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling and brand protection.
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