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Anti-demolition stickers, effectively prevent imitation of copycat products

by:Fullgo     2022-12-29
Foreword: tamper-evident labels make the labels better protect products. Tamper-evident labels are made of special materials that can be torn off and are not easily re-pasted to the surface of the product. This type of label is waterproof, resistant to temperature characteristics. Anti-counterfeiting labels are characterized by strong stickiness and strong tear resistance; brand products can use anti-counterfeiting labels to expand brand publicity and enhance consumers' awareness of brand products. Anti-dismantling labels can be attached to products in various industries. The main purpose is to prevent products from being disassembled and stolen, to protect the entire process of product circulation and sales, to safeguard the interests of all parties, to prevent corporate products from being counterfeited, and to help consumers buy branded products. It is widely used in the packaging of various products in the electronic and electrical industry. A new anti-counterfeiting technology - tamper-proof label, the application of this technology effectively solves the drawbacks of paper self-adhesive strips and provides products for manufacturers. It is an effective anti-counterfeiting method, and it also brings good economic and social benefits to the merchants! Anti-theft sealing brand protection: prevent other illegal businesses from imitating, protect the company's products, crack down on illegal businesses using brands, and purify a good sales market. After purchasing the product, consumers can obtain the authenticity information by checking the anti-counterfeiting code, verify the authenticity of the reply information, raise the counterfeiting threshold, and avoid the occurrence of counterfeiting. Such tamper-evident stickers can be applied to products in various industries, such as: clothing, luxury goods, mobile phones, daily chemicals, food, health products, express delivery, jewelry, documents, etc. The tamper-evident label has confidentiality to prevent items from being disassembled and packaged during transportation, because once such labels are uncovered, there will be words left to prevent counterfeiting. The label can only be used once to protect the product. Improve the overall marketing efficiency and attach anti-counterfeiting labels to products, making it difficult for counterfeit merchants to copy and copy, reducing consumers' lack of 'trust' in society, and enhancing market control. Anti-adjustment of the package, prevention of disassembly, prevention of counterfeiting, sales of products to consumers in good condition, and easy identification of authenticity and protection of business interests. Different printing methods are selected according to different product attributes. For different printing methods, the plate-making process is also different. The special film for covering labels has strong adaptability and high waterproof and anti-counterfeiting threshold. Anti-counterfeiting labels are resistant to high temperature, freezing, moisture, light, and corrosion. The labels are difficult to imitate, easy to identify, non-copyable, non-reusable, protect brands, check authenticity, and reduce fakes.
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