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Anti-fouling package labels to prevent their products from being counterfeited

by:Fullgo     2022-12-28
The anti-disassembly label can be applied to all kinds of products to resist counterfeit goods, ensure that the product transportation and sales process will not be dismantled by fraud, ensure product quality, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and avoid buying fake goods. Attaching the finished anti-adjustment package label to the product is anti-counterfeiting and prevents the goods from being disassembled and packaged in the middle. It can also easily check the authenticity of the product, protect the whole cycle of product circulation, and prevent counterfeiting and package adjustment. In the market, there is a phenomenon of counterfeiting of products, and at the same time, there are cases where the products are repackaged during transportation. This is a fraudulent behavior. Therefore, you can paste an anti-package label on the product packaging to prevent the products from being replaced before they reach consumers. . Anti-counterfeiting products and services with prominent anti-counterfeiting function solve the monitoring problems of product production and circulation in a targeted manner, and realize the functions of regional management, authenticity identification and counterfeiting reporting; it is convenient for consumers to identify authenticity and protects the brand image of enterprises. An anti-counterfeiting mark is an anti-counterfeiting mark that can be pasted, printed and sprayed on the product appearance, outer packaging or product accessories. One item corresponds to one anti-counterfeiting code, that is, an anti-counterfeiting mark, which is used for anti-counterfeiting of brand products, and one anti-counterfeiting mark for each item, which is not repeated. The anti-counterfeiting label can prevent the phenomenon of counterfeiting and counterfeiting, better protect the interests of consumers, and maintain the image of the enterprise brand. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting code mark shows the characteristics of each product. The technology, which will be attached to the packaging, can be printed on the product, and the information can only be queried once to ensure the authenticity of the product information. Improve the corporate brand image. The use of anti-counterfeiting labels can distinguish them from fake products and improve brand trust; there are anti-counterfeiting and anti-demolition labels on products, consumers can use the anti-counterfeiting labels to identify the authenticity of the products, and customers can quickly understand the true and false products through the anti-counterfeiting labels. . Use anti-counterfeiting labels for branded products to provide more comprehensive anti-counterfeiting information and play a role in protecting the brand. Users can scan the code to check the authenticity, and they can learn the company's product information in time, which has the effect of increasing the company's product sales. Anti-counterfeiting labels, also known as anti-counterfeiting labels or anti-counterfeiting stickers, are a type of self-adhesive products that can be pasted, printed, and transferred on the surface of the target, on the packaging of the target, and accessories of the target (such as commodity listings, business cards, and anti-counterfeiting certificates). card), a label with anti-counterfeiting effect.
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