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Anti-smuggling labels for cosmetics products, you can check the flow of products at any time

by:Fullgo     2023-01-19
The main purpose of the real-time supervision and anti-smuggling system is to help companies manage and control the anti-smuggling behavior of dealers, and use the QR code as an information carrier to monitor and record the logistics information of products, so that each product can be accurately tracked. Through the one-item-one-code anti-smuggling management system, it helps manufacturers to achieve one-to-one management of dealers and solve the problem of vicious smuggling through channels. The anti-smuggling label of color cosmetics uses the QR code as the carrier to monitor the real-time data of the product to prevent the smuggling and maintain the brand image. By assigning a different and unique code to each color cosmetic product, the logistics information of each link of the product can be monitored. At the same time, consumers can scan the code to check the authenticity of the product, and provide early warning information for fraudulent goods in reverse. Get the user's data information. The whole process of recording and tracking logistics dynamic cosmetics products in and out of the warehouse, by scanning the association, and then binding the identity information of the relevant agents, to achieve the whole process of monitoring the products. In terms of implementation, it ensures that the cost is controllable and the operation is simple. In terms of information management, it monitors the production progress of the processing plant, the delivery situation, and the monitoring and control of the goods. Enterprises can check the product flow information, distinguish the goods from smuggling, and have reminders for smuggling, which can prevent dealers from smuggling in time, achieve anti-smuggling supervision and control, collect evidence of smuggling, and effectively combat smugglers. The anti-smuggling system uses the QR code as the entrance, and attaches a QR code to each cosmetic product, so that the QR code of a single product can be associated with the QR code on the whole box, and consumers can check the authenticity of the product when they check the product. At the same time, the system can effectively prevent the occurrence of smuggling goods according to the realization of product inspection. Monitoring and combating vicious smuggling behavior By using the anti-smuggling system, you can check the whereabouts of products anytime and anywhere, and monitor the sales in various regions in real time, thus avoiding dealers smuggling. The enterprise realizes the management and control of the logistics channel, and can carry out the logistics tracking step by step to control the smuggling. Track the location and flow status of products and standardize the market order. Record the information of product sales and circulation links, and can timely and accurately understand the situation of products in the market, and provide a basis for enterprise decision-making through data analysis. Timely supervision of product market flow, timely supervision of the whereabouts of product batches, can quickly detect the phenomenon of cross-selling. One product, one code, is connected to the system platform, and the label is difficult to copy. Enterprises can monitor product trends in real time to prevent the occurrence of smuggling.
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