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Anti-smuggling management of veterinary drug QR code can really help enterprises to achieve anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling

by:Fullgo     2022-11-10
Accurate positioning of commodities provides a basis for smuggling, and enterprises can also timely know that there is a smuggling phenomenon in products, which is convenient for enterprise supervision and rectification. The problem of smuggling in the market can be quickly solved. By using the anti-smuggling system for commodities, customers can verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the code. Quickly solve the problem of dealers' smuggling. Designated sales areas for veterinary drugs, accurate smuggling inquiries, standardized corporate markets, and sound development of corporate markets. Anti-smuggling management of veterinary drug two-dimensional code, maintain the stability of regional commodity prices, improve consumer satisfaction, enhance corporate brand value; improve corporate image, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, realize information supervision, and make consumers trust the enterprise more; Enterprise information level and production efficiency. The system reminds the anti-smuggling QR code system in time. By giving each product unique digital identity information, the digital identity information will be added with logistics information and geographic information to realize product logistics management and provide relevant data to market inspectors. Realize the functions of enterprise dealer management, product logistics management, information collection, and market inspection management. Realize real-time transparent inventory of headquarters, distributors; the headquarters can understand the inventory of dealers in real time, and distribute online orders to dealers and stores conveniently and efficiently. The anti-smuggling system manages the in and out of the warehouse through the logistics code, helps the brand to establish a multi-level dealer network, manages the dealers at all levels, grasps the consumer satisfaction index in time, grasps the anti-smuggling information at any time, quickly recalls the problem goods, and grasps the real-time information. channel inventory. You can instantly know the flow of products and the anti-smuggling system will control the circulation of products through precise channels, track detailed sales information in various regions, and the transportation process of products in real time to prevent product smuggling. The anti-smuggling system, from raw materials to finished products, can trace every link of product production, and complete the construction of an intelligent two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system in the production process. One item, one code anti-smuggling management system is of great significance to rectify the channel market, prevent the occurrence of counterfeit and shoddy and vicious smuggling, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of regular channel dealers, and strengthen product brand management. Accurate collection of automatic data on product delivery and warehousing ensures that enterprises can grasp the direction of product flow in a timely manner and monitor the whole process of data, help enterprises to achieve systematic management and intelligent marketing of products, and solve problems such as product smuggling and counterfeiting. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading product QR code anti-smuggling system, fine management and clear responsibility What is the QR code anti-smuggling system? Prevent dealers from selling goods in various regions
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