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Anti-smuggling scheme, accurate supervision of channel circulation and market sales

by:Fullgo     2022-12-29
Efficiently manage the product QR code anti-smuggling system to prevent product smuggling, counterfeiting and shoddy prices, and other phenomena; help companies increase management efficiency and maintain their public image. Through the logistics code management of inbound and outbound, it helps brands to establish a multi-level dealer network and manage dealers at all levels; collect information anytime and anywhere, so that the data is accurate and timely, and it is convenient for managers to make market decisions. The main purpose of the anti-smuggling system is to help companies manage and control the anti-smuggling behavior of dealers, and use the QR code as an information carrier to monitor and record the logistics information of products, so that each product can be accurately tracked. Effectively strengthen the management and control of channel agents, and clearly record the in-out and out-of-warehouse, product flow, dealer inventory, sales, whether there is cross-regional sales, whether there is a disordered price, etc. Control the flow of channels to the anti-smuggling management system for digital product management, accurately control the flow of dealers and products through one item and one code, and prevent dealers from smuggling. While improving the product anti-counterfeiting ability, it can better enhance the brand image. Anti-smuggling management system: QR code generation, brand communication, point mall, commodity management, public account management, authority management. When the agent transports the product and scans the code on the ground, its geographical location is clearly visible, and if there is a smuggling of goods, it can be found; in the logistics link, the occurrence of smuggling goods is restricted, and the data is obtained in time to negotiate with the brand owner to solve the root of the problem. The anti-smuggling system can check product flow, geographical location, product inventory, sales status, etc. anytime, anywhere, track product flow in real time, quickly recall problem products, accurately grasp product inventory and sales, and prevent agents from cross-regional smuggling. Effectively prevent all kinds of goods from smuggling. One object, one code and two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system, understand the sales information of products in various regions, and quickly deal with the occurrence of smuggling; rely on data and systems to intelligently control products and channel distributors . Through the multi-level dealer management platform, the enterprise can realize the overall management and control of the logistics channels, and the dealers can track the logistics step by step, and fundamentally realize the deep and vertical management of the distribution channels, that is, the sub-dealers other than the first-level dealers Realize management, in-depth tracking of product logistics. The anti-smuggling scheme adopts the anti-smuggling system. The main function is to accurately combat vicious smuggling behavior through automatic early warning, stabilize the price system, maintain market order, obtain data and information on smuggling and chaotic prices in a timely manner, and monitor product flow and product sales at any time. , Dealer transportation behavior.
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