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Anti-smuggling system development and customization, real-time logistics tracking

by:Fullgo     2023-02-11
Easily solve the problem of smuggling goods The anti-smuggling system is closely related to the production line. This system can efficiently process large data volumes and high-speed production lines from function to technical architecture, helping to stabilize production and improve management efficiency. In the channel circulation link, from product warehousing and delivery, to dealer receipt and delivery, the handheld terminal is used to scan the QR code on the package, record the product circulation data, and manage the product throughout its life cycle. The anti-smuggling system bids farewell to the previous channel management and control method that relies on offline inspection and supervision of dealers. Online real-time monitoring saves a lot of manpower management and control costs, effectively controls the cross-regional smuggling behavior of agents, and protects the interests of dealers at all levels. Standardize the management of the product sales system to carry out digital product management, and accurately control the flow of dealers and products through one item and one code, and prevent agents from smuggling goods. It can grasp the flow of products in real time, strengthen the management of the circulation field of products, and reduce the cost of enterprise logistics monitoring. The anti-smuggling management system gives products a unique digital identity through production line coding, and establishes a multi-level packaging relationship. Starting from product delivery, it tracks product circulation areas, and conducts anti-smuggling monitoring in dealers and store areas to ensure product safety. The flow direction is consistent with the distribution range of the dealer. It can make the code of each product have a data tracking association with the area it is sold to, and realize intelligence, positioning and anti-channeling. The merchant can scan and collect the information on the QR code of the product, control the channel, and send related products, logistics, sales, etc. to the merchant. Data information, and record the detailed information of logistics operations, provide a data basis for home anti-smuggling and query and analysis of logistics information. The logistics code management inbound and outbound warehouse management system has won the favor and recognition of many enterprises, helping enterprises to avoid the situation of distributors, low-price, channel, leapfrog, cross-regional sales, etc. occur. The development and customization of the anti-smuggling system can effectively strengthen the management and control of the channel dealers, and can effectively control the product in and out, product flow, dealer inventory, sales, whether it is smuggling, whether it is cross-regional sales, whether it is chaotic and other behaviors. The record is clear. The anti-smuggling system can carry out comprehensive circulation management of products, emphasizing information and quality management in the process. Anti-smuggling early warning: Once the goods are scanned in different places, set a certain threshold, and give early warning according to the settings to help manufacturers carry out data and visual management.
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