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Anti-smuggling system development function to prevent goods from scurrying

by:Fullgo     2023-02-11
More protection of rights and interests Through a service platform, the data collected from production and the data of outbound scanning are collected and stored centrally to form a basic database for the system to use. The anti-smuggling system can track the whereabouts of products, solve the problem of smuggling, improve the ability of enterprises to manage agents in various places, and create a good and normal sales market. Scanning and collecting product information in each link of product warehousing and warehousing can collect a single product, or collect it in batches by boxes, stacks, vehicles and other units, and various data collected can be uploaded to a special information service platform. Anti-smuggling system: product coding, agent authorization, step-by-step delivery scanning, logistics tracking, consumers checking authenticity, judging whether there are smuggling goods, to achieve anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling! The application of the system to automatically judge the goods of the anti-smuggling system can realize the hierarchical management of the agents in various regions, so as to realize the unified management of the agents. One item, one code anti-smuggling management system, which realizes single product data encryption scanning code, GPS positioning management, automatic warning of enterprise product smuggling, automatic generation of reports on smuggling data, and an information-based traceability management mode for the entire production and sales chain can be selected. The anti-smuggling system development function gives each warehouse and location a unique QR code. When the product is in and out of the warehouse, the terminal scanning code device can scan the QR code on the product and the warehouse to check the in-out time and in-out time of the product. Warehouse location and operator to record and track. The unified management of agent behavior forms a market warning for smuggling goods, so that smuggling goods have nowhere to hide, and conduct anti-smuggling inspections on the QR codes on products sold in terminal stores, and the results will display the corresponding distribution locations of the products. Whole process control, timely control of invoicing at all levels, grasp the trend of product logistics, ensure that consumers have an in-depth understanding of product production, increase their trust in products, and increase the sales of business products. Data such as inbound and outbound products, quantity, inbound and outbound location and other data are imported into the platform to calculate the warehouse's invoicing, sales and inventory. Through the anti-smuggling development system, the product prices of agents at all levels are managed in a unified manner, and the market system is standardized. Channel products to prevent cross-selling, support online ordering by agents, avoid wrong orders and missing orders, make ordering more efficient, and view data in real time. One product, one code, is connected to the system platform, and the label cannot be copied. Enterprises can monitor product trends in real time to prevent the occurrence of smuggling. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Anti-smuggling solutions to prevent agents at all levels from smuggling products like the anti-smuggling system for maternal and child products, the entire link can be monitored
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