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Anti-smuggling system, one item, one code, to prevent dealers from smuggling

by:Fullgo     2023-02-12
The product packaging logo that reflects the channel value is easy to identify and not easy to destroy. In the process of channel circulation, the QR code is scanned when the warehouse is out of the warehouse. At this time, the product is bound to the dealer and its sales scope on the out-of-warehousing document, and an association relationship is established. The enterprise requires the subordinates of the distributors, such as: the terminal store receipt scan code, the manager can monitor the whole process of the product from the warehouse, the channel circulation, to the terminal, realize the multi-level vertical depth anti-smuggling management, and the comprehensive three-dimensional anti-smuggling management . A unique QR code is assigned to each warehouse and location. When the product is in and out of the warehouse, the terminal scanning device scans the QR code on the product and the warehouse to check the in-out time of the product, the in-out location, and the operator. Record tracking. The product data is automatically collected in the coding process, and the relationship between 'single product-box-pallet' is established. By scanning the box code and pallet for delivery, the warehouse can master all the product circulation data corresponding to the box and pallet. Commodities have digital identities. Through IoT technology and big data, companies can know where each commodity is sold and whether there is any smuggling of goods through various channels. The one-item-one-code anti-smuggling system assigns a QR code identification code to each product, and realizes the multi-level data collection and association of single product-box-support. The anti-smuggling system is one code for one item, assigning a unique and independent identity QR code to each product item. Every intermediate link in the process from the start of production to the delivery of the product is entered through scanning equipment. The specific information of each link and an effective method to prevent smuggling, the information will be entered into the system synchronously. Tracking the logistics direction of products Using the label as the carrier combined with the anti-smuggling system, one item, one code, to achieve one-to-one information monitoring and recording, control of each product, product anti-counterfeiting traceability, and the flow direction of each product can be tracked. If a large amount of scan code data is abnormal, the system will issue a warning reminder of smuggling goods, and enterprises can take immediate measures to take countermeasures at the beginning of the smuggling behavior to recover the loss of smuggling goods. It supports the corresponding relationship of multi-level packaging data of boxes, boxes and stacks, and can customize the data structure according to customer specifications, which is in line with the actual situation of customers, simplifies the operation process, and improves the level of refined management. One item, one code is widely used in the field of anti-channeling. By assigning a QR code to each product and establishing an association relationship with the superior packaging unit, real-time data tracking of the circulation link is realized, and the flow direction of the product is consistent with the distribution range of the dealer.
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