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Anti-smuggling system solution, information management agency channel

by:Fullgo     2022-12-28
Three-dimensional control of smuggling gives each product a unique one-item-one-code anti-smuggling code. When the product reaches the end user, the channel and the end consumer scan the code to obtain the information of commodity circulation and agent dealers. Clear product circulation situation, timely detection of smuggling goods, monitor the flow of each product through multi-code association, prevent local agents from smuggling goods, safeguard the interests of each agent, and protect the rights and interests of enterprises. Supervise product flow, sales, and dealer behavior at any time, understand the sales information of products in various regions, and quickly deal with smuggling goods. The anti-counterfeiting code is associated with the anti-smuggling code, the user scans the code, the system automatically judges, and the market supervision personnel scan the code for inspection. One-to-one code monitoring of distribution channels, one-to-one information monitoring records of identification codes, precise control of each product, and accurate tracking of the flow of each product and the behavior of agents purchasing and delivering goods. Use anti-smuggling labels for products to increase sales revenue, improve customer satisfaction, curb counterfeit goods, maintain brand reputation, and achieve accurate control of product circulation and logistics business channels through information input in the dealer management system and distribution system . The product anti-smuggling system realizes the automatic collection of product data, uploads the consumer's purchase information data to the system, and increases the work efficiency; realizes the digital management of products, the product sales process is transparent and visible, and automatic warning is issued in case of smuggling, helping brands Manufacturers reduce verification costs. Improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound management, track the flow of products in real time, quickly recall products that have been sold, accurately grasp the inventory and sales of goods, and prevent dealers from running across regions. The anti-smuggling system effectively solves the problem of product smuggling in the market in a one-item-one-code mode, so that the occurrence of smuggling can be monitored and brands can effectively take anti-smuggling measures. Supervise all the links of the entire distribution channel, prevent cross-regional smuggling of goods, realize the whole-process monitoring of products, help brand owners maintain market order, and grasp market trends in a timely manner. To achieve precise supervision of channel circulation and market sales, the brand anti-smuggling system can effectively solve the problem of dealers' smuggling, online monitoring of product circulation in various places, so that brands can get more rights. The anti-smuggling system solution has powerful online monitoring functions, manages the entire production process and circulation process of products, effectively prevents product smuggling, helps solve the problem of dealers' smuggling, and realizes the management of agent channels.
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