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Anti-smuggling system solution to realize the whole operation and sales management of goods

by:Fullgo     2023-02-10
The anti-smuggling system controls the flow of commodities by recording the warehousing information to control the circulation trajectory of commodities, further grasp the entire process of commodity production and sales, and conduct stricter inspections to prevent distributors' smuggling behavior. It can accurately control product circulation, logistics and commercial channels, monitor the entire link from packaging to logistics and transportation, and accurately track the whereabouts of each single product. The purpose of smuggling warning. Real-time monitoring and management of dealers' commodity circulation information and sales situation, unified management, product data management, and product circulation direction. The anti-smuggling system is aimed at the price management and anti-smuggling management of enterprise products, effective anti-counterfeiting protection, and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of manufacturers and consumers. The internal flow control realizes the unified management of the system. Through the information input of the anti-channeling management system, it is possible to accurately control the product circulation, logistics and commercial channels, realize the product channeling prevention, monitor the entire chain of circulation, and accurately control the behavior of channel dealers and agents. To allow enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in the market, the management system is to add a QR code label to each commodity during the processing process, which can help the market to operate better, and enterprises can fully grasp the information of commodity flow. Supervise the channel, solve the situation of smuggling, help the inspectors to know the whereabouts of the products, know whether the dealers sell products within the distribution range, and easily solve the problem of smuggling. Through the anti-smuggling management system, the large amount of paper text information required by the documents is converted into electronic data, which improves the speed and accuracy of production data statistics and reduces the work difficulty of the summary statistician. Precisely control the anti-smuggling system solution for each product, you can view the product sales in various regions, monitor the flow of products, and realize anti-smuggling management; the system background can view detailed data reports and distribute sales in various places. You can view orders and performance anytime, anywhere, as well as the number of subordinate agents, detailed information of subordinate agents, etc. You can also directly develop subordinate agents through online authorization links, making the whole process simpler and smoother. Real-time access to data on smuggling goods can control the value of products, thereby stabilizing the sales market. Enterprises can achieve overall control of logistics channels, and dealers can track logistics step by step to resist dealer smuggling behavior.
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