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Anti-transfer anti-counterfeiting label, the whole process of the product is protected

by:Fullgo     2023-02-09
Anti-theft and tamper-proof labels are mostly used for logistics labels, anti-theft sealing labels, and seals; layering is mostly used for code anti-counterfeiting labels. Labels produced on this basis will be separated from the surface material if they are uncovered. text or pictures. Anti-transfer anti-counterfeiting labels mainly realize anti-counterfeiting, protect brand products, resist counterfeit and shoddy products, prevent damage to the interests of enterprises, maintain product image, be recognized by many consumers, establish corporate brand image, reduce losses of enterprises and customers, and improve customer satisfaction. CCN laser laser VOID anti-counterfeiting label, uncovered the hollowed out text, efficient anti-transfer; when you post back, the VOID is still clearly visible, preventing secondary use. The anti-counterfeiting label adopts the original film, which has strong ink adhesion, clear stereotyped words, strong three-dimensional sense, extremely difficult to counterfeit, and has a strong anti-counterfeiting effect. When the simple label for identifying true and false is torn off from the surface of the substrate, the pre-set text and pictures of the substrate are peeled off the substrate and remain intact on the surface of the substrate, and the torn substrate and font cannot be recovered. The anti-counterfeiting products and anti-smuggling services solve the monitoring problems of product production and circulation in a targeted manner, and realize the functions of regional management, authenticity identification, and counterfeiting reporting; it is convenient for consumers to identify the authenticity and protects the brand image of the enterprise. Anti-transfer anti-counterfeiting labels, reduce counterfeit and shoddy behaviors, distinguish the authenticity of products, resist counterfeit goods, each product has an anti-counterfeiting code, authenticity verification, reduce counterfeit goods, improve the level and image of brand products, and enhance customers' dependence on products. Effectively crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products. The anti-counterfeiting label is a sign with an impact on the transfer of imitation goods. The company prevents the rights and interests of well-known brands from being damaged, presents a reliable product, and prevents theft. A kind of protection mark. It is convenient for consumers to check the authenticity of products, safeguard the interests of all parties, enhance the image of brand products, and play a role in brand promotion. When consumers check product information, they can interact with enterprises and enhance users' trust in the brand. A variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies protect the brand. Anti-counterfeiting is convenient for safeguarding the company's rights and interests, and greatly reducing the cost and time of anti-counterfeiting. The double-layer label design protects the label from being counterfeited. The anti-counterfeiting layer is only for one-time inquiry to prevent counterfeiting. According to the needs of brand merchants, anti-counterfeiting codes, printing, labeling, etc. are generated, and then a label with anti-counterfeiting function is posted for each product to help customers quickly verify the authenticity of products, ensure customer rights and interests, and improve brand reputation.
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