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Application of cat food anti-smuggling system to control various channels

by:Fullgo     2023-01-14
The anti-smuggling system is used on cat food to locate product circulation information, manage the full cycle of commodities, manage distributors in various places, control the normal circulation of commodities, avoid the problem of smuggling, and trace the flow direction to ensure that products are no longer smuggled. It can effectively curb the dealer's smuggling behavior, monitor product logistics information online, and truly help enterprises to prevent counterfeiting and smuggling. The anti-smuggling background management system realizes the monitoring and management of the product circulation information and sales of cat food dealers. The system helps enterprises to control purchase, sale and inventory information at all levels, grasp the circulation of product channels, master the inventory and sales of distributors at all levels, prevent distributors from crossing regions and levels, standardize the sales market of brand products, and maintain the market price system. Protect the company's own interests. Provide unified management of relevant data in the background, automatically settle the data of the agent's purchase volume and performance, and distribute dividends and rewards to the agents according to these data to encourage the agents to actively purchase and sell goods. The anti-smuggling system will assign an exclusive identity code to each product, manage the entire production process and circulation process of the product, effectively prevent product smuggling, and realize the whole-process management of product sales. Managers can check the flow status of products through the background of the system, and there will be an automatic warning of smuggling goods. Anti-smuggling management takes boxes or boxes as the smallest delivery unit, which is convenient for delivery, and collects and associates boxes, boxes and pallets. Production code management, anti-smuggling warehouse management, dealer management, anti-smuggling inspection management, smuggling early warning and inquiry, smuggling data analysis, etc., help enterprises to achieve full-process supervision and strictly control market smuggling behavior. A clear understanding of the product circulation situation can determine whether the product has been smuggled. Data management of products, real-time monitoring and management of product flow direction, real-time monitoring of product flow direction and the flow of goods in various places, so as to avoid cross-selling. It can grasp the real-time flow of products in real time, strengthen the management of the circulation field of products, and reduce the cost of enterprise logistics monitoring. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, logistics traceability and other functions, use intelligent means to efficiently manage channel dealers and prevent malicious channeling of goods. The application of cat food anti-smuggling system can track product flow in real time, quickly recall problematic products, accurately grasp product inventory and sales, and prevent agents from cross-regional smuggling. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Further reading What is an anti-smuggling system? Control the circulation channels of products in the whole process, and realize the whole-process operation and sales management of products.
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