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Application of commodity anti-smuggling system, effective management of real-time inventory

by:Fullgo     2023-01-22
Carry out accurate tracking and anti-smuggling system, the production process of products is recorded in detail, and customers can learn key details of production by scanning the QR code. Through real-time monitoring of product logistics information, it can prevent agents from smuggling goods and prices, and prevent distributors from smuggling goods. You can check the whereabouts of products anytime, anywhere, stabilize the market order, and manage distributors in a unified manner. Through channel monitoring and management of product circulation, it is easy to solve problems such as product smuggling, and provide a basis for smuggling. Designate sales areas for products to realize the management of smuggling goods; monitor the sales price of product terminals to provide a good business environment for merchants. Information input, to achieve accurate control of product circulation, logistics business channels, to achieve product anti-counterfeiting. Supervise the flow of products and assign codes to each commodity individually, and the delivery personnel can grasp the inventory and distribution process information of the goods by scanning the related distribution information in the distribution and delivery link. The application of the commodity anti-smuggling system, with the label as the carrier, combined with the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system, one object, one code, one-to-one information monitoring record of the identification code, precise control of each product, and accurate tracking of the flow direction of each product and The agent's purchase and delivery behavior. Product coding: unique identification is given to products through sleeve labeling or post-association labeling; product warehousing scanning: associated product and batch information, scanning the code to store; Query product logistics status; maintain basic data: improve dealer and product data, and provide basic information for inbound and outbound storage; product shipment scanning: manage dealer information, scan code for shipment, and record product shipment information. Whole-process management dealers bind the product logistics tracking code, check the whereabouts of products in real time, if there is smuggling, inquire about smuggling information in time, know the batches of smuggling, and realize anti-smuggling control. All product information pictures, parameters, functions and other information are set in the system, which is clear at a glance. One item, one code, it is convenient for enterprises to control the circulation direction of products, the main sales areas, provide data support, and facilitate enterprise management. The main function of the application of commodity anti-smuggling system is to accurately combat vicious smuggling and price-disordering behavior through automatic early warning, stabilize the price system, maintain market order, obtain smuggling data and information in a timely manner, and monitor product flow, product sales, and dealer behavior at any time. ; Understand the sales status of products in various regions, and quickly deal with the occurrence of stolen goods.
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