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Application of traceability of milk powder one object and one code, customized personalized traceability solutions

by:Fullgo     2022-12-20
The information is clearly listed to know the relevant information of milk powder, so that the whole process can be traced and traced, and it can be eaten with confidence. In each scan code circulation link, you can directly know the process and information, and directly find the manufacturer. The quality of milk powder has strong traceability, and the production, processing, packaging, warehousing, transportation, terminal sales, data analysis and other product life cycle information records and traceability control. The traceability management system records its life cycle information, the whole process data can be traced to the source, and the whole cycle of milk powder can be traced, which standardizes the quality data format and facilitates quality data entry and query. The traceability platform manages various information of products entering and leaving the warehouse, and the product flow can be managed and processed by relying on various collected information data to achieve accurate traceability of the entire product life cycle. Realize product traceability and truly achieve source control, effectively improve the level of product safety production, and enterprises can achieve traceability and recall management through information management. The traceability system supervises the full cycle of the product, tracks the whereabouts of the product to prevent smuggling, records the product information in each link, facilitates consumer inquiry, fully understands the product, and trusts the brand more. Link the production, circulation and consumption process of commodities with the collection, transmission, processing and query process of relevant information, so that the source of commodities can be traced, the destination can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated. Through the electronic registration of each link of milk powder raw material procurement, the comprehensive intelligent monitoring of product raw materials, production, processing, transportation, warehousing, terminal sales and other processes can be realized, and the whole process of intelligent management of products from production to terminal stores can be realized. To further enhance credibility, the quality traceability system has realized the transparency of product information, allowing consumers to know all the information of the product and increasing consumers' trust in the corporate brand. The milk powder traceability system covers the raw materials, production process, packaging and coding, finished product inventory, multi-level distributor flow, retail terminal and other information management of industrial enterprises. In the application of one-code traceability of milk powder, the raw materials, production, quality inspection and other information of the product are written into the electronic label, and the traceability information data is stored in the database at the same time. The production of the quality traceability system can effectively enhance the trust of consumers in the enterprise and increase the sales volume of the enterprise brand. It can guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the factory, crack down on piracy and shoddy acts, and can make the products produced to meet customer satisfaction.
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