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Auto parts anti-smuggling system, the whole process can be traced

by:Fullgo     2023-01-16
The whole process of tracking the flow of products to the auto parts anti-smuggling system, when entering and leaving the warehouse, through the system scanning association, and then binding the identity information of the relevant agent, the entire product process can be monitored; by covering the product logistics sleeve QR code, the product can be monitored. logistics information. Provide enterprises with product smuggling monitoring, flow tracking, etc., product anti-smuggling solutions that meet the actual sales management needs of enterprises, realize comprehensive, effective and safe management and monitoring of the whole process of commodity distribution, and further obtain commodity warehousing and logistics. , sales and other data. The use of anti-smuggling system by enterprises can help enterprises to carry out unified management among multiple dealers, check the flow of products, make management more convenient, and control product prices at the same time, so that the prices of brand products in various regions are unified, which is really beneficial to Promotion of the company's products in the market. The unified management of dealer behavior and anti-smuggling system allows each product to be bound with a logistics code, track products in real time, locate products, and check product circulation trends; if there is smuggling, the alarm will be turned on immediately to prevent smuggling. Realizing information management agency channels, establishing a standardized price system, and tracking the whole process of products from production to consumption, can allow the company to reasonably grasp the flow of products in the market, and allow auto parts to carry out standardized market sales in the company's established areas. The anti-smuggling system is through intelligent operation of the system, individual definition, and automatic distinction. Merchants need to determine individual needs and formulate corresponding functions. The anti-smuggling system can supervise the whole process of products from the warehouse to the safe arrival of the buyer. The system has real-time monitoring and control. The protection and early warning function will trigger the early warning system to remind the merchants at the first time in the event of smuggling of goods. Real-time monitoring and management provides inquiries and statistics of relevant distribution and smuggling information according to the query control authority it has, and can check product flow information and distinguish commodity smuggling. Whole process control, timely control of invoicing at all levels, grasp the trend of product logistics, ensure that consumers have a deep understanding of product production, increase trust in products, and increase sales of brand products. The product anti-smuggling management system can track a single product, locate the whereabouts of the product, prevent smuggling and prevent random prices, supervise and control the real-time product circulation and sales links, solve various smuggling problems, and maintain market sales order. The anti-smuggling system has an automatic warning function. When there is a smuggling, the system will automatically issue a reminder to prompt the company to quickly find the location of the product and prohibit smuggling. Channel anti-smuggling tracking, a simple operation interface, user-friendly experience.
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