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Auto parts products use one item, one code marketing system to achieve digital precision marketing

by:Fullgo     2022-10-19
To form a consumer portrait, use the variable QR code to give each product an independent QR code, connect merchants, consumers, and platforms through one item, one code, open up online and offline, and achieve one-stop sharing and promotion. The full-link digital overall solution based on 'one object, one code' can meet the brand's fine management of the product's full cycle of product channel internal control, terminal management, internal control verification, marketing interaction, market analysis, and member attention. and precision marketing needs. Various points activities, redemption activities, coupon activities, etc., interact with people in an interesting game way, and the sales are more vivid. Auto parts products use the one-item-one-code marketing system, which incorporates all the links of the channel into the digital system, completes the online and transparency of the entire link, better manages and controls the cost of marketing activities, and achieves efficiency growth. Endows different capabilities and attributes with one object, one code, and relies on the commercial application of big data to reshape the modern business model, making transactions transparent and predictable, greatly saving transaction costs, and reconstructing the credit system. When consumers scan the code, they can relatively safely know the consumer's regional information, purchase frequency information, activity participation, etc. This information can be very good for merchants to do promotion and other marketing activities. Auto parts products use the one-item-one-code marketing system, and gradually move towards marketing automation, online management, and cost visualization. It can grasp the marketing situation of products in the market at the first time, lock the location and geographical location of high-frequency heavy consumers, and conduct precise interactive marketing through online and offline. Greatly enhances the user's loyalty, cultivates the user's habit of using auto parts products, improves the user's loyalty, cultivates a large number of consumers for the brand, and can more easily increase the frequency and amount of customer consumption. End users who buy, consume and use goods, by extension, also include individual roles such as potential consumers and brand fans. Increase the market share of the auto parts industry, and cultivate loyal consumers for brand owners and improve user loyalty through the activity of scanning codes to send red envelopes. You can check the code scanning status and rebate amount of your subordinate customers, and you can also receive smart customer maintenance reminders to empower channel personnel management. Each product has a QR code with a marketing nature, and this QR code can only receive a reward once; consumers who scan the code and share the link to buy will get rewards.
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