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Auto parts traceability, record the information of the entire industry chain

by:Fullgo     2022-10-19
To ensure product quality, data can be recorded in the whole process of the product, which is very convenient for enterprises to quickly and accurately recall problematic products, and it is also very effective to better protect the brand reputation. The traceability system establishes an information system, sorts out the control points of the production enterprises, manages the quality control points of the production process, and focuses on the management of key production processes and inputs. Carry out automatic production process supervision, product and enterprise benchmarking early warning, integrate traceability management with production quality control, and provide on-demand customized systems to meet the personalized information requirements of processing enterprises. The traceability system based on the key technology of product traceability realizes the standardization of information collection, processing, transmission and application, and realizes the sharing and exchange of information among members of the product supply chain and between supply chains. In each link of control, the product identification code is attached to the packaging, and the mobile phone scanning code function is used to handle the storage of raw materials, and the raw material code, raw material name, raw material batch, weight, storage time, quality status and other information are entered. The product traceability system can record product information well, and the system can also generate QR code traceability labels. By scanning the QR code traceability labels, users can have a good grasp of the key points of product quality and all the detailed information of the product, etc. It can be seen at a glance, very convenient. Auto parts traceability, effective brand promotion, quality traceability, prevention of market price disorder, consumer and key person marketing, etc., with traceability as the starting point, effectively improve the digital level of the whole process of the enterprise, so that the brand trust is continuously improved on the basis of products , Improve product premium ability while ensuring product quality! More convenient product supervision By implementing the product quality traceability system, it can effectively reduce the operating cost and management cost of the enterprise, and at the same time, it can improve customer satisfaction and enhance user loyalty. Producers and operators use information technology to collect and retain production and operation information, and establish a product quality traceability system. The digital quality traceability solution realizes the full traceability of product source, processing, circulation, sales and other information. Quality information recording and tracking query, source management of auto parts - all-round supervision from the procurement of raw materials to the processing and production process. From raw material procurement, processing and packaging, logistics and key information in all aspects of the enterprise, etc., to form data that can be inquired, traced and recalled. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend the reading traceability plan, so as to display the quality traceability of dog food in detail, and visualize the traceability control of the whole process
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