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Auto parts traceability system, easy to track the full cycle of products

by:Fullgo     2022-10-19
True record of information Enterprises can achieve precise management of the production and processing of product raw materials by building a product quality traceability system, supervise and supervise, from source to process, ensure product quality, and make consumers more assured of the company's products. The auto parts traceability system encodes each product through a unique identifiable QR code, and gives a unique identity certificate, including: product name, manufacturer, specification information, etc.; these information record the only identity of each product . The product building traceability QR code can improve its own influence, make the auto parts processing process transparent, and consumers can better accept consumption. The application of the traceability system can effectively solve the product quality problem, reduce the production cost of the enterprise, and improve the competitiveness of the enterprise. Improve quick response capability One item, one code traceability system Products have exclusive traceability labels. Later, you can scan the traceability code to understand product information, track product flow, and achieve product full-process management. Provide consumers with a channel that can be traced, customers can easily inquire about product-related information, and improve users' awareness and satisfaction of products, brands, and companies. The auto parts traceability system can conduct online query through the tag traceability source code, find out all the information such as the manufacturer of the product, the origin of the product, and the supply chain, and clarify the corresponding responsibilities of the problem party. Through a high degree of customization of the traceability process, it can adapt to the traceability needs of various industries and a wide variety of products. It is possible to trace the flow of products in the background, which is convenient for enterprises to conduct data analysis and provides valuable reference materials for later marketing. Form a product traceability file one-object-one-code system, which helps enterprises to establish a good reputation by giving each commodity a unique identity, so that consumers can buy with confidence. Through the quality traceability system, the transparency of product information is realized, so that consumers can know all the information of the product and increase the customer's trust in the corporate brand. Enterprises can also collect and track data in the production, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation, market inspection and consumption of products through the commodity traceability system. Provide enterprises with smart traceability solutions, provide solid traceability technical support, and ensure consumer rights protection. The traceability system is to record the information in the process of product production, circulation to sales, etc. in the system, so as to realize the traceability of auto parts.
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