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Auto parts traceability to ensure product quality

by:Fullgo     2023-01-16
Maintain corporate interests 1. Realize traceability of products from raw materials, production, warehousing, logistics, dealers, distributors, terminal stores to consumers, and product details can be viewed. 2. The traceability label is integrated with powerful data anti-counterfeiting functions, which can eliminate counterfeiting and shoddy behaviors in the market to the greatest extent, safeguard consumers' rights and interests, protect the interests of enterprises and brand reputation, regulate the consumption and circulation market, source control and process supervision, and traceability of responsibility. The biggest restriction on counterfeiting. 3. Build a one-item-one-code system for auto parts products to realize the anti-counterfeiting and traceability function of one-item, one-code QR code for products. Auto parts traceability, giving each part a unique traceability identity code, this system allows enterprises to monitor the production and sales of parts in real time, achieve precise logistics control and full monitoring of each part, and deliver it to the market. An important piece of information is obtained: that is, after consumers purchase for the first time and make consumption queries, they have achieved full life cycle management. Authenticity can be verified 1. Raw material manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers record key business data on the chain, so as to trace the raw materials used in products, and track business records between raw material manufacturers and manufacturers. 2. The auto parts traceability system is an information management tool that enhances the quality of auto parts through 'technology + digitization'; it enables the flow of auto parts to be traced, information can be inquired, problems can be supervised, and responsibilities can be pursued, so as to facilitate the supervision of auto parts , to facilitate the key purposes of consumer safety and the user's right to know. 3. Through the auto parts traceability system, network nodes are established in manufacturers, dealers, logistics providers, traders, installation service stores, and testing institutions. With the help of Internet of Things technology, the efficiency of coding and information collection is improved, and the raw materials, production, and Processing, warehousing, logistics, retail and other information are stored in the background of the traceability system. After the information is uploaded to the chain, it will be automatically synchronized to the nodes of all parties. It cannot be unilaterally tampered with, and shoddy behaviors are avoided. Help merchants to fight counterfeiting 1. Consumers can scan the traceability QR code on the product with their mobile phone, and can see the name, model, manufacturer, dealer, consumption time, flow direction and other information of spare parts. 2. Effectively collect the circulation movement information in the whole life cycle of production, logistics, use, etc., so that the enterprise can realize the tracking and monitoring of the items in the collection, sales and production, and realize the quality traceability of auto parts and components. 3. The anti-counterfeiting traceability source code is to help enterprises protect the brand, prevent counterfeiting, and help consumers identify the authenticity of products, maintain brand reputation and corporate reputation. 4. One item, one code makes product identity more controllable, accessories and parts traceability, and provides customers with professional traceability QR code solutions and services. Auto parts and components will be affixed with a traceable QR code logo, allowing consumers to buy authentic auto parts from the brand and use them with confidence.
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