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BC linkage marketing solution, in-depth management of users

by:Fullgo     2022-12-27
Connecting different marketing scenarios and attaching a unique QR code to each product, consumers can directly experience the fun of redemption and interaction by scanning the code. It is effective in the entire product marketing process of the enterprise, and greatly enhances the loyalty of users. Become a fan. On the basis of one item, one code, we will continue to help enterprises to achieve digital transformation. Repurchase, collecting cards, sharing courtesy and other ways to attract consumers to interact, channel rebates, shopping guide rebates and other models, encourage channels and terminals to shop more and sell more, effectively improving Product sales. Assign codes to each product, create the only digital ID card, realize digital anti-counterfeiting traceability, and build a new marketing model. The BC linkage marketing solution helps many brands to achieve transformation and upgrading, collect consumer-related information, master consumption habits, easily achieve targeted marketing, and increase product repurchase rates. Do a good job in providing services for core users, establish a product database, realize the digitalization of sales management, make products more valuable by scanning the code, check the authenticity by scanning the code, trace the source by scanning the code, prevent smuggling by scanning the code, smart marketing, and BC linkage. Help enterprises effectively collect the circulation information of each product, intelligently analyze user consumption behavior, real-time early warning and data analysis, empower marketing strategies, and help enterprises enter the era of digital marketing. Brand owners help store owners and C-end user relationship chains to promote products, expand their influence, attract users through social relationships, enhance trust in brand products, and improve order conversion rates. BC marketing support, builds a data system of people, goods and fields with one item and one code, helps enterprises to use digital tools, accurately empower marketing, provide digital marketing solutions, and help increase brand sales. Drive the C-side dynamic sales growth. Brands can establish contact with consumers, establish a brand private domain traffic pool, and after contacting consumers, they can interact with users and guide users to buy products again. By focusing on the development of circle-level marketing, various market support actions are carried out in a targeted manner, and by building a platform for one item, one code, to reach the C-side and give back to the B-side, to achieve BC linkage. The introduction of one item, one code technology, with the QR code as the link, opens up the online membership platform, realizes the relationship between brand owners, products and consumers, and builds a new marketing scenario. Taking the product as the carrier and using the technology of one item, one code, to carry out online and offline marketing activities to attract the attention of consumers, innovative marketing activities can enable customers to actively participate.
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