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BC linked intelligent marketing, providing a wealth of operational tools and marketing solutions

by:Fullgo     2022-12-10
The realization of multi-terminal mutual benefit and win-win BC integration and linkage has more value, which is reflected in the fact that it can be combined with channel purchases, and the BC linkage style will continue to escort the listing of single products. breakthrough. Realize the use of one code to distribute awards to the b-end and C-end respectively, collect data, and build a user account system. One code for one item enables enterprises to digitize cosmetics products, allowing enterprises to directly connect to the C-end and collect C-end user data. created value. After scanning the code on the B-end, the brand owner can not only grasp the sales data of the terminal store, the number of write-offs, but also stimulate the store to open the box and replenish the goods with box code rewards; after the C-end user scans the code, the data of the scanning user can also use the One thing, one code technology is precipitated as the brand owner's private data asset. Do a good job in product marketing and promotion. BC linkage marketing solutions help many brands to achieve transformation and upgrading, collect consumer-related information, master consumption habits, easily achieve targeted marketing, and increase product repurchase rates. Through the technology of 'one item, one code', each product is assigned a unique marketing code. After C-end consumers purchase the product, they scan the marketing code to obtain event reward points, which naturally form a one-to-one binding relationship with the product. One item, one code assignment and code association technology forms BC incentives and rewards associations. By empowering store sales to increase while undertaking product promotion tasks, it promotes consumers' awareness of products and repurchase, and promotes the double improvement of enterprise terminal sales and brand stickiness. . Brand owners and customers communicate closely with small b-end terminal stores, shopping guides, promoters, and consumers, and build a full-link data asset through one item and one code, form user data, online and offline two-way marketing, and integrate corporate resources. Realize the rich operation gameplay of product marketing activities, empower the efficient operation and growth of the enterprise, complete the BC linkage marketing, and create a marketing link that runs through the dealer's B-end - terminal store small B-end - consumer C-end. Automated marketing incentives and digital channel management under industry-specific sales scenarios, in the BC linkage marketing system, for channels, terminals, and consumers, in-store marketing, in-store marketing, and private domain marketing are continuously enriched and innovated. Implementing BC linkage intelligent marketing, giving each product an 'ID number', and the key actions performed by each role in the channel on the product are recorded through the system. It is precisely because of such a recording process that it brings benefits to channel operation and management. Great convenience and new inspiration came.
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