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BC linked personalized marketing, can adjust marketing strategies in real time

by:Fullgo     2023-02-06
More accurately help brands connect customers, manage private domain traffic, expand customer groups, improve marketing efficiency, balance dynamic sales incentives, and fully realize the closed loop of Internet intelligent marketing connecting enterprises and customers. By connecting both ends of the BC, a wider range of activity exposure can be achieved with the help of the B-end. After the C-end user scans the code, the user's data can also be deposited into the brand owner's private data assets with the help of the one-thing-one-code technology. Do BC linkage marketing for brand products, help enterprises to complete brand fission communication from multiple angles, every scan of consumers is the entrance of marketing, strengthen user awareness, and increase the stickiness between brands and consumers. Establish a relationship of mutual linkage and mutual benefit; based on data and result-oriented, assess the ability value of each individual, so that incentives can be accurately delivered to the individual, so as to achieve the goals of increasing commodity sales, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Product sales increase One item, one code anti-counterfeiting marketing connects consumers and enterprises through product anti-counterfeiting codes, cultivates consumers' goodwill towards products, and attracts consumers to participate in product marketing activities. Establish a high-quality solution for brand private domain traffic and digital channel management system, you can check the scan code status and rebate amount of lower-level customers, and you can also receive smart customer maintenance reminders to empower channel personnel management. Product marketing activities can successfully attract consumers to buy, increase brand influence and popularity, and expand the market share of products. Starting from the needs of consumers, it helps companies increase product sales, enhance customers' desire to buy, and improve the user's product brand favorability. Helping brands to do a good job in the digital technology of one item and one code in marketing activities, enterprises can greatly improve the management and control methods of marketing expenses, and move forward on the channel with reasonable expenses and sales, so as to better achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Incorporate all the links of the channel into the digital system, and complete the online and transparent of the whole link, so as to better control the cost of marketing activities and realize the increase of efficiency. BC Linkage personalized marketing, BC Linkage online channel terminal capabilities, build the same online user operation capabilities as the platform, terminal resources play an omni-channel and full-scene interception capability, and brand owners have the initiative of users! Help more brands to realize the whole chain of brand sales through one item, one code BC integrated marketing, and obtain better marketing effect. Help enterprises integrate resources, create a new consumption environment, increase product sales, and attract brand consumers to participate in product marketing activities.
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