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BC linked product marketing platform to increase comprehensive sales

by:Fullgo     2022-12-10
Gaining revenue growth has improved operational efficiency and user satisfaction, stimulated consumption through marketing activities such as discount coupons and red envelopes, and increased user interaction experience. The one-thing-one-code marketing solution can plan ingenious marketing strategies for different levels of user consumption needs, so as to achieve the marketing purpose of helping brand owners to quickly sell goods and expand customers. By connecting and empowering both ends of the BC at the same time, online communication, offline sales, and the community's integrated marketing of loyalty recognition, transaction, and relationship are formed, making full use of the advantages of various online and offline spaces and roles. The BC linkage product marketing platform can realize a wider range of activity exposure by connecting the two ends of the BC with the help of the B-end. After the C-end user scans the code, the data of the scanned user can also be deposited into the brand owner's private property with the help of the one-item-one-code technology. data assets. To create marketing value, a variety of activity incentives can be adopted flexibly and diversifiedly, and marketing activities can be planned for key people, so that consumers can better understand products and brands, enhance customer stickiness, and realize resource integration. By scanning the QR code of a product, consumers can get a random red envelope reward. The red envelope activity can guide customers to pay attention to the brand's official account, share the red envelope, scan the code to check the authenticity, etc. BC Link has made the channel terminal capabilities online, and built the same online user operation capabilities as the platform. The terminal resources have exerted their due omni-channel and full-scene interception capabilities, and brand owners have the initiative of users! To achieve efficient online supervision, rapid response to market decisions, timely adjustment and optimization of marketing effects. Help brand products quickly seize the market, spread among consumers, and increase product sales and repurchase rates. Formulating a creative marketing plan BC linkage will become a way for product brand owners to introduce traffic, using various mobile Internet applications, their own, and platforms to achieve in-depth operation of users in the regional market. The overall digital marketing solution builds a three-dimensional connection with downstream terminal stores and consumers, so as to satisfy demands at the same time, and promote the implementation and detonation of marketing activities as a whole. The innovative gameplay of BC's linkage digital marketing system can be matched with different delivery strategies to enhance the depth of marketing from point to surface, and provide more support for brand expansion, sales increase, and private domain operation and maintenance. Starting from the terminal stores and users connected downstream of brand owners, it highlights that BC linkage brings benefits to brand owners. BC integration is to activate the terminal by mobilizing users (C-side) online and draining traffic at the terminal (b-side).
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