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Brand authorization control label, one-stop IP online authorization management

by:Fullgo     2023-01-23
Derivative anti-counterfeiting traceability provides vertical application solutions such as copyright owner anti-counterfeiting authorization management, agent purchase, agent referral, rebate management, quality traceability, channel control, and precise interaction based on one item and one code. One item, one code IP authorization management tool, in the form of one product, one code and two-dimensional code, realizes the anti-counterfeiting traceability and sales record management of IP product IP two-dimensional code, and realizes the anti-counterfeiting traceability and anti-counterfeiting authorization management of product IP enterprises. Process control: Authorizers apply for labels to IP companies, supervise the use and circulation of labels, and through consumer inquiry, they can learn the details of label usage, thereby preventing the occurrence of the problem of 'low-level use'. IP label management and control products, provide online authorization project management, optimize the authorization management process, and make the authorization process clear at a glance. Intelligent IP authorization control In CCN's IP label management and control products, the anti-counterfeiting code must be closely connected to the label data platform. At the same time, we innovatively use a number of anti-counterfeiting technologies to encrypt the anti-counterfeiting code multiple times to ensure the ciphertext digital It is inconsistent with the printed anti-counterfeiting code to ensure that it cannot be copied and cracked, so that the anti-counterfeiting code is leak-proof. Real-time tracking of sales can also enable IP companies to easily paint consumer portraits based on big data, understand consumer characteristics, and use first-hand market data to provide a decision-making basis for the next stage of authorization management. Brand authorization control labels, combined with multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies, paste anti-counterfeiting codes, achieve brand protection, check authenticity, and reduce counterfeit goods. Use brand IP to authorize anti-counterfeiting labels to protect brands, check authenticity, and prevent counterfeiting. Easily develop and manage IP authorization services Use QR code encryption technology to produce unique identification codes for IP derivatives, and print or paste the QR code on the packaging of IP derivatives to achieve anti-counterfeiting. Realize the closed-loop management of the whole process, so as to ensure that the quality of the product reaches the qualified level! Accurate management and control of licensors, copyright protection, and strengthening of brand protection for IP companies. Provide one-stop IP online authorization management, accurately control brand licensors, match the characteristics of the IP industry, and apply full-chain management of licensor labels. The IP label management and control product system provides one-stop IP online authorization management, allowing users to easily develop and manage IP authorization services; IP label management and control products: match the characteristics of the IP industry, apply full-chain management for the licensee's label, and make products more understandable you.
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