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Brand product one product one code marketing plan to expand brand influence

by:Fullgo     2022-11-04
With strong communication ability, one item, one code is used in product marketing, attracting consumers to scan the code and upload data. The shopping data of each consumer can be obtained in the background, forming a systematic consumption big data, and then forming a consumer portrait for the next time. foundation for marketing activities. Enable enterprises to form efficient vertical management of marketing needs, and classify before dealers reach consumers; users participate in one item, one code marketing activities, get red envelopes, stimulate end consumers to buy, increase customer stickiness, and improve product repurchase rate and product sales . The visualization of consumer data, user portraits, and product data helps companies formulate marketing strategies; red envelopes for one item, one code are sought after by many companies. Scan the code to easily obtain product information, participate in brand marketing activities such as points and lottery, and record product information and consumption. Scan code information. Give full play to the social value and use red envelopes as prizes, which can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also achieve the effect of marketing; every time a consumer scans the QR code, there will be data records in the backend of the enterprise, and the enterprise can better understand the consumer and help the later stage. Sales. The brand product one item one code marketing plan prints a unique QR code on each product. Consumers can directly experience the fun of award redemption interaction by scanning the QR code, helping enterprises achieve the important purpose of online and offline joint marketing. There are physical rewards and points mall rewards to choose from, to meet diverse needs, and to redeem rewards more quickly, directly to consumers themselves, shortening the link process, opening up the process channel, and achieving better resource allocation. Flexibly adjust the marketing plan with one code and multiple scans: an open QR code, non-disposable, everyone can scan the code to participate in activities, follow, share, and market. Do marketing activities to attract consumers to participate, such as: scanning codes to receive red envelopes, receiving points, participating in lottery draws, etc. The marketing activities are rich and very convenient, and consumers are more willing to participate and are willing to share and spread. The marketing campaign of scanning the code to win good gifts can enhance the desire of consumers to actively scan the code. It has a strong attractive marketing copy and enough 'attractive' rewards to allow the majority of consumers to actively participate. One-thing-one-code technology scenario-based marketing helps merchants quickly connect with consumers, obtain user data, and implement marketing; scanning the code can enter various marketing scenarios, attract customers to participate in activities, and increase product sales. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading one item one code scratch card, scan code accurate red envelope marketing one item one code lottery marketing system, to achieve the role of offline drainage online
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